Mozaic Restaurant Bali just brings out their newest collaboration. And this time, they have an epic collaboration with Odette, Singapore-based French dining destination.

Sponsored by Kaluga Imperial Caviar, Komaneka Resort, and Singapore Airlines, this collaboration is named as "Childhood Memories" which was inspired by all the nostalgic cuisine from childhood memories. As the Chef Owner of Mozaic, Chef Chris reveals that ever since he was a kid, he used to taste various delicious cuisines that also influenced his cooking and ability as a chef.

Therefore, he and Chef Julien want to give a cuisine which is filled with their memories as a kid. Each dish contained the full history, culture and emotions from childhood memories.

Chef Julien of Odette also expressed the same thing. He wanted to give dishes that were tasted by him when he was a kid. According to him, those memories are very important for a chef. So, he wants to share his childhood memories with all guests of Mozaic Bali through this collaboration.

All of the guests are served with the best nostalgic cuisine from Chef Chris and Chef Julien. From appetizer, main course and sweet-flavour dessert is made from the best hand. The guests also may hear about the story behind the dish from the chefs themselves.