RUU Permusikan has become one of the most-discussed topics in Indonesia of late. The new RUU (or draft legislation on music) has sparked several negative comments after Anang, the Indonesian musician-turned-politician, proposed the new RUU Permusikan to House of Representatives (DPR).

As soon as the draft legislation was made public, many artists and musicians voiced their criticisms, saying the new change will prevent musicians’ freedom to criticise and speak through songs on certain important issues and matters. Several artists also emphasised that if this new draft sees the light of day, it will limit any musician’s creativity. More than 200 Indonesian recording artists are declared to have rejected the new RUU, and if you’re wondering who they are and what they have to say about the issue, here is a handy recap.


Singer-songwriter Anang, who serves as legislator in the House of Representatives (DPR), is the one who proposed the RUU Permusikan to become law. Despite not fully agreeing on the legislation himself, in his official statement, the father-of-six stated there are some articles that should be rediscussed, especially Article 5, which concerns the limitation of musicians’ creativity. However, Anang agrees that some articles are necessary for the good of the Indonesian music industry and its musicians, such as article 32, which requires musicians to have official certification to give them the chance to perform abroad for more international exposure.

Jerinx SID

One musician who rejects the Bill with most passion is Jerinx, drummer from Superman Is Dead, who emphasised that this new law will actually quell his right to self-expression.

Rara Sekar

Speaking her mind through her Instagram account, musician Rara Sekar also stated that the new Bill’s content doesn’t make sense since it wasn’t based on trusted sources. The new Bill looks like a new way to restrict an artist’s creativity.

Glenn Fredly

Elsewhere, music maven Glenn Fredly said that music is one of the platforms for expressing voices and creativity, and the new Bill shouldn’t limit any artist when it comes to making music and expressing themselves in any kind of way.

Endah N Rhesa

Husband-and-wife music duo Endah N Rhesa has also has spoken out about their thoughts regarding to the Bill, saying that music is an unlimited medium used to express, criticise, and reflect on important matters. If every freedom is inhibited, how can an artist speak their mind without music?

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