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Enterprising start-up founders often don’t have much knowledge on where to go to start building their promising ideas. Our first article has garnered plenty of attention due to high interest in the start-up landscape, prompting us to write the continuation: a more comprehensive version of incubator and accelerator list as the ultimate guideline for start-ups to start their venture in the vast terrain of growth opportunities in Indonesia. 


1.     Skystar Ventures (Incubator)

Skystar ventures offers 6 months entrepreneurship program that target on early-stage startups in various sectors. With the goal to support founders by educating and mentoring them starting from idea validation, MVP development and business development stage, Skystar Ventures has excite young start-up founders who wants to disrupt traditional models of businesses. With the support of one of the biggest media groups-- Kompas Gramedia- Skystar can help founders with access to their extensive network of media and business units to grow and scale their businesses.


 2.       IDX Incubator

With the initiative to become a facilitator to grow digital-based start-ups, Indonesia Stock Exchange establish IDX Incubator to support start-ups with big-scale business prospects. Not only guiding start-ups on idea validation and product development, they make sure that start-up participants will learn about paperwork and process of IPO as well. With over 17 mentors and 30 start-ups under their belt, IDX Incubator will be a great launching platform for your dream start-up.

 3.       Batavia Incubator (Incubator)

With one of Indonesian unicorn start-up Bukalapak under their portfolio, Batavia Incubator has helped numerous start-ups grow since 2011. Targeting seed stage start-ups, Batavia will supply seed funding capital to bridge to Series A funding. Born as a joint venture between Japan-based incubator Rebright Partners and Indonesian financial company Corfina Group, Batavia has the credentials and experienced mentors that will stimulate the start-ups growth in Indonesia.

 4.       Merah Putih Inc (Incubator)

Armed with the vision to make Indonesia’s web and digital industry as the main contributors for the economy, Merah Putih Inc. supports the start-up ecosystem through their investment in early stage capital for propitious local start-ups. Focusing on fintech, SaaS platforms and community based start-ups, they invest in seed, early Series A rounds as well as follow-on capital for future rounds of financing. With notable start-ups such as Tinkerlust and Qlue, we hope that Merah Putih Inc. will ignite more revolutionary ideas from local start-ups.

 5.       Kolaborasi (Incubator)

With facilities in Bandung and Jakarta, Kolaborasi Incubator helps start-up founders focus on creating four things: validated product, solid team, scalable business model and impactful innovation. With family-oriented ways, Kolaborasi Incubator founders provide routine guidance, bootcamp, workshops, connection and community for promising start-up founders. With 12 start-ups under them, hopeful start-up founders can reach to them to start achieving together with Kolaborasi.

6.       Start Surabaya (Accelerator)

Founded in 2015, Start Surabaya was an idea initiated by Kibar, Spazio, Suara Surabaya FM, Enciety and full support by government of Surabaya. As an accelerator, Start Surabaya provides 3-month accelerator program for the youths of Surabaya so that they will be able to make an impactful and valuable start-ups for the society.  With co-working space, wide network of mentors and well-designed physical facilities, start-ups can get their head start here.

 7.       Faster Capital Indonesia (Accelerator)

Starting as a virtual incubator in Dubai, they decided to bring their presence to Indonesia and currently manage 5 start-ups under their acceleration program.  Faster Capital will supply 50% of the investment and focuses on IT start-ups as well as online businesses. Their acceleration program is suitable for entrepreneurs who are seeking validation on their business plans as well as raising capital. Notable start-ups include Forum Dokter Indonesia and MisterDEALS.


 8.       Digitaraya Accelerator

Supported by Google Developers Launchpad, Digitaraya began their journey this year determined to nurture Indonesia’s next generation of start-ups. With the advantage of Google’s global network, Digitaraya can attain insights from Silicon Valley as well as twenty years’ worth of Google research and best practice on building businesses at massive scale. On top of access to global investors and mentors, Digitaraya will connect start-ups with relevant regulators as well as media coverage.

9.       Alpha Startup (Accelerator)

Most start-ups nowadays resort to seek funding and incubator support from accelerators and angel investors because there are a lot of steps needed to bring your start-up from idea to minimal viable product or MVP. That is why Alpha Startup provides a pre-accelerator program to help start-ups test and validate a scalable product/idea. Start-ups that successfully went through the pre-accelerator program will be prioritized for funding programmes run by 1337 Accelerator and other funding organisations throughout the country. With notable investors like Convergence Ventures and Gobi Partners, being in Alpha means you’re in good hands.

10.   Ideosource (Accelerator and Incubator)

Ideosource acts as a venture capital firm that makes investments in early-stage to later-stage start-ups. With their proven track records of portfolio and networks, Ideosource has been valuable in aspiring entrepreneurs when it comes to help them in business development, marketing, brand building, access to talents, fundraising network and financial support. With portfolios including and KapanLagi Network, as well as active lobbying and structuring roadmap to local Indonesian Capital market, Ideosource will bring promising start-ups to greater heights for sure.

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