The 1,000 Digital Start-ups Program

To produce 1000 digital start-ups, the 1000 Digital Start-ups program has run mentoring strategy and intensive nurturing through systematic steps in the first 10 cities with a strong digital and infrastructure foundation. The steps included in the program included ignition, networking, workshop, hacksprint and bootcamp. After going through those steps six months ago, on May 24, the 1000 Digital Start-up third wave program has come to its main event, which is the Demo Day held in Anantakupa Auditorium inside Indonesia Ministry of Communication and Information.

 5-Minutes Pitch

CEO of Bizhare, Heinrich Vincent. Photo: Courtesy of 1000 Startup Digital

This session is intended to present all the participants who have went through the program for six months as each of them have to do pitching of their business models for 5 minutes. Some of the start-ups come from Jakarta, Bandung, Jogja, Denpasar and Brunei. The latter participants presented an interesting aspect to the program because their participation is to find collaborations opportunity and enable partnerships between Indonesia and Brunei.

The 11 Start-Ups

Judges and pitching representatives. Photo: Courtesy of 1000 Startup Digital

List of the start-ups that joined the Demo Day are: Bizhare and Rentrava from Jakarta, and Atourin from Bandung, Wozmi and Carenusa from Yogyakarta, Shushi and Amacall from Bali as well as Soulkoneshken, Benchlab and Game On from Brunei. Each of them is presenting a problem and a way to solve the problem. 

Panel Discussion

Panel Discussion.(left to right) Winda Winanti (Product Manager, Bukalapak), Sony Rachmadi (CEO, Run System), Prasetyo Andy Wicaksono (Founder, Code For Indonesia). Photo: Courtesy of 1000 Startup Digital

Aside from pitching, the start-ups also got to listen to a panel discussion from Sony Rachmadi (CEO of RUN System) and Winda Winanti (Product Manager of Bukalapak) that was mentored by Prasetyo Andy Wicaksono (Founder of Code for Indonesia) with the topic “Learning from 1000 Startup Program”. The panel discussion also talks about the development of start-ups in different phases.

Hope for the future

Prasetyo Andy Wicaksono (Founder, Code For Indonesia). Photo: Courtesy of 1000 Startup Digital

When asked about his hope and advice for Indonesian start-ups, Prasetyo Andy Wicaksono beautifully summed it up with these sentence: ”Don’t forget to do good planning. Keep the spirits up and don’t give up. Don’t be scared to plan and don’t move based on your own assumption.”

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