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Each day, content marketing specialists struggle to get real, tangible results because of the dynamic aspects inherent in digital content. Content marketing is indeed challenging and requires plenty of effort and resources to make great content that generates engagement, shares, and eventually sales. In the past, any kind of content could get noticed but in this current competitive market, you have to not only produce good content, but also make it noticeable by giving it two important traits: helpfulness and authenticity.


Here are some of the most common content marketing challenges as well as ways you can overcome them—because we’ve always got your backs!


Fresh and new content

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For most people, the greatest challenge is creating great content consistently as well as making sure that, over time, the content-creation process is sustainable. Sustainability in content production will enhance your business by presenting it as an authority in your niche market. Consistent content production will not only help in establishing your brand image, but it will also increase brand awareness and help addresses customer concerns in various stages of the sales funnel.

Solutions to this challenge include creating an editorial calendar for your blog, website, and marketing channels to begin a sustainable content-creation process. Conduct brainstorming sessions for headline ideas and schedule them on your calendar at least a month in advance. When creating topic ideas, think about the trends in your industry as well as upcoming events or holidays. For example, since it’s World Cup season, here at Indonesia Tatler we’ll write about myriad topics ranging from fashionable footballers to the top sports bars in which to watch the matches. A regular content audit is also important to make sure that everything is up to date. After that, it’s up to you to repurpose it for different marketing channels.


Solve problems

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We know how hard it is to generate new content ideas every day. So, to improve your workflow in terms of efficiency and efficacy, there are a few strategies you can implement to develop content ideas. The first is to ask your audience about the kind of problems they have, and if you notice that most of them have the same problem, you will know that it’s a good topic idea. If you run electronic direct mails (EDM), you can encourage users to talk about their concerns through the newsletter. An additional point is that you will enhance engagement with users, which will lead to loyalty. Twitter hashtags can also reveal the kind of problems people have within your industry, allowing you to create relevant topic ideas.


Multiple Channels

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The process of content creation is time-consuming, especially when you’re creating content for different marketing channels. To gain new audiences, there are methods you can implement other than publishing new content on a regular basis. One other way is to repurpose your existing content with a new spin for different channels. For example, you can grow your YouTube subscribers by repurposing article or blog content into videos. There are also companies who share their corporate presentation slides on SlideShare to increase visibility and brand image.

However, the most important note is that to get real results through repurposing existing content, make sure you have a measurable goal and a strong strategy to achieve it. Find the best platform to gain new audience share and display your expertise.

 Content marketing can really improve the growth of your business and helps you establish your authority. Hopefully, our tips will help you tackle content marketing challenges that much easier.

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