Ribbon cutting. From left to right: Jason Tedjasukmana, Alyssa Maharani, Marcus Foon, Sami Kizilbash, Yansen Kamto, Nicole Yap, Mahmud Omar Saladin Prasetyo, Andy Wicaksono. Photo: Courtesy of KIBAR

In another few years, markets outside Silicon Valley will create a significant impact on the start-up and technology ecosystem globally. With the growing number of start-up incubators and accelerators in Indonesia, it is getting easier for people to create their own start-up, but access to a mentor network as well as start-up building methods and knowledge about the best formulas for creating start-ups haven’t been distributed evenly in Indonesia.

Recently, Google Developers Launchpad announced a partnership with KIBAR to launch a catalyst that will support the start-up ecosystem in Indonesia. This partnership has resulted in a start-up accelerator called Digitaraya. The efforts of KIBAR in building a start-up ecosystem in Indonesia has been fully supported by Rudiantara, Minister of Communication and Information in Indonesia, and he has emphasised his hope that Digitaraya will strengthen the development of the digital economy here.

Digitaraya will select start-ups that focus on achieving product or market fit as well as those that want to reach more users and increase product retention. Through Google Developers Launchpad, start-ups in Digitaraya will be connected with an elite network of world-class accelerators, so that the chosen start-ups can utilise the information and resources that they have.

MOU Signing. From left to right: Sami Kizilbash,Yansen Kamto. Photo: Courtesy of KIBAR

Not only they will get full access to Google Network from all over the world, the chosen start-ups will also be able to tap into Google’s knowledge in running start-up programmes that are based in Silicon Valley, and also the results of research and experience by Google over the last 20 years in building businesses, products and teams on a large scale. Through the collaboration with Google Developer Launchpad, Digitaraya will be joining a network of accelerators from Latin America, Africa, Europe, and Asia.

Kevin O’Toole, Head of International Growth at Google Developers Launchpad, expressed his hope to see the growth of the start-up ecosystem all over the world through the best accelerators and to help accelerators support each other in sharing knowledge and resources. As Yansen Kamto, CEO of KIBAR, said: “We hope this historic moment can add fuel to our passion in bringing more Indonesian start-ups onto the global stage.” We certainly hope so, too.

Digitaraya will start its accelerator programme on August 6, 2018, and it will choose eight start-ups in the first round. The accelerator programme will end with a demo day on November 1, 2018. Registration and start-up selection will run from on May 15 to July 15, 2018.

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