Hosting a Christmas party at your own house may not be as easy as it might first seem. With huge groups of relatives and friends coming over, loads of dishes to be taken care of, and all the decorations you’ll have to put up, it can seem tremendously overwhelming. And when you’re planning an elegant party, there are bound to be extra details you’ll need to consider. So, as Christmas is approaching, prepare your classy indoor party with our complete guide below.



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First things first: know how to engage your guests the right way. The right type of invitation is necessary to build the excitement and to determine how others see the quality of your Christmas event. If you’ve got plenty of time to spare, don’t hesitate to hire professional designers to make your invitations stand out. Whether it is an invitation by text message or through physical paper cards, there’s nothing wrong in ensuring all the best you can present to your guest list.

Dress code


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What would a party be without a proper dress code? Be considerate to your guests. You wouldn’t want them to bail just because the dress code is too complex or quirky. If cocktail dress and tuxedo are something that your guests will have in their closets, then go ahead and put that as the dress code. However, if that’s something they can’t quite get together—especially at short notice—do suggest formal casual even Sunday best. If you want to go all-out, you can pick an eccentric theme like the Nutcracker or a Winter Wonderland.



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Set a grand first impression with extraordinary decorations for both indoors and outdoors. This is your chance to show off your sculpting skills, or the amazing outdoor decorations you haven’t put up for a very long time. You can also be creative with your Christmas tree. Perhaps you can put a little touch of faux snow all around or some colourful ribbons. Whatever it is, make sure that it perfectly complements your determined theme.



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After all the decorations are put up and polished to perfection, the last thing you’ll need to make them stand out is the lighting. For an outdoor look, putting up considerable amounts of lighting is necessary to give a glamorous impression upon arrival. For indoors, dim lighting is suggested, especially if you’re planning on a romantic slow-dance session after dinner, or just a glass of wine around the dinner table.

Suitable dishes


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Another thing to make this jolly season extra-special are unique picks of food and desserts. Imagine feasting on a warm, juicy steak close the evening with hot chocolate and gingerbread cookies. Serve it accordingly with your theme, too.

Drinks picks


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Will your party be a calm night to reflect on the year before, or is it going to be with an upbeat event to celebrate the year ahead? Make sure you pick beverages suitable to the occasion and theme. And to really go all-out this year, avoid eggnog and scout for the finest white champagne you can find, or perhaps even a strong red wine for upbeat Christmas music.

Festive music


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What’s a party without music to complement your lovely evening? If your party takes the theme of a classic and cultured Christmas gathering, we suggest classical music such as Tchaikovsky, Brahms, or Chopin. For a more casual evening, play out some modern tunes like Michael Buble’s Christmas album, or maybe some Andy Williams and Nat King Cole.

Party favours


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Lastly, you will want your Christmas party to be as memorable as possible, and what better way to leave an impression than to give out unique party favours? Ideally, you would want to pass on a piece of handicraft that your guests could use as a decoration. It could be thoughtfully homemade, or you can buy authentic ones from our pick of shops. Another option is to give out sweets perfect for your guests to enjoy during the holiday season.



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