Christmas and year-end festivities are coming up and shopping session is inevitable. Yes, it’s the time for giving, which means it’s a time for splurging and buying presents for our loved ones and even ourselves.

 However, we often forget that as a shopper, we need to know certain etiquette when it comes to shopping so that we don’t become a nightmare for the store staff. Therefore, in this busy shopping seasons, we decided to make this fun list of shopping etiquette items, so that your shopping experience will be both peaceful and delightful for yourself—and for others.


Don’t hold up the line

Prepare yourself before going to the cashier. Some of you must have experienced waiting behind due to someone who is hurriedly going through their bags to look for loose change as they did not carry enough money to complete their purchase. In worst cases, they inform the cashier to place their groceries aside because they forgot their wallet or an item.

 We have all been there before as well: being short of money and incidentally holding up the line. So if we see someone experiencing that kind of trouble, we should extend a helping hand and offer them our spare change. Who knows? Maybe a stranger will help you out in the future when you face the same situation. And prepare a shopping list as well to make sure that you don’t forget to pick out an item, which can hold the line as you leave the line to pick up the item.


 Please read the store signs

Most supermarkets have signs indicating which lane is for speedy checkout and which one is not. Although it depends on store policies, usually the speedy checkout line is for shoppers who have 15 items or fewer.

 A lot of us have been in situations where we want to finish our shopping in a hurry and head to the speedy checkout lane with too many items. Shopping etiquette in this case is to let shoppers with the smallest amounts of items go ahead first. (Please remember that 10 boxes of cereals do not count as 1 item!)


 Don’t damage the goods

Sometimes—no, scratch that—most of the time, when we are inspecting the item we are interested in, we accidentally damage the item by squeezing it too hard or dropping the item, which leads to damage and which makes that item much harder to sell. So please remember to inspect all items gently next time you are in the store or supermarket.


 Take control of your children

Supermarkets or shopping centres are not day-cares or playgrounds, and remember that store staff are not your temporary nanny. So if you bring your child along, you should take care of them properly. How many times have we all noticed unattended children in shopping centres? Unattended children can get into accidents or cause an accident in the store. The mess caused by little children can also be a burden for store staff, especially if something spills and ruins other goods.


 Respect fellow shoppers and store staff

Remember that store staff are just human beings, and, of course, being polite to them wouldn’t hurt. So when we step into a store and the store staff greet us, we should respond to the greeting. And try to always treat the store staff with respect and kindness, because they are there to assist you.

And finally: respect your fellow shoppers. Don’t forget to be mindful of people around you as well. You don’t have to make any comments about others’ taste while shopping. And since you are not alone in the store, try not to block the way for other shoppers to pass by or even to view the displayed items. This creates a better experience for all!


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