There was a huge turnout for the 78th birthday celebration of Medan-born tycoon Hajj Anif, which was held at the JW Marriott Hotel Medan, North Sumatra. Not only was a large number of family and friends present, distinguished guests also included visitors from Saudi Arabia, Germany, Hong Kong, Australia and Malaysia—all of whom headed to Medan to pass on good wishes for Hajj Anif.

The birthday celebrations started with a Quran recitation by Hajj Fadhlan Zainuddin followed by a Quran Saritilawah by Dinda Afwani Nasution. Apart from celebrating the birthday, the event saw the release of Hajj Anif’s biography Hidup Ikhlas Tanpa Tipu Muslihat (Live a Sincere Life Without Guile), which was part of the main agenda of the evening. 

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(Text by: Retta Oktaviani Suparli & Photo by Irwan Kurnia)