Richard Muljadi and Shalvynne Chang have redefined the popular phrase “every dog has its day”. The couple’s beloved French bulldogs, Miss Coco Da French and Lady “Lulu” Belucci, recently celebrated their second and first birthdays, respectively.

Plans had been in motion to create an even more lavish party in order to top the car that Coco received as a gift last year. Naturally, the vehicle of choice this year would have to be even bigger; thus, a yacht party was organised.

The nautical-themed party began in the afternoon at the dock/house where the yacht was parked. Guests arriving at the location were all smiles as they were greeted by cheery, colourful decorations that covered the dock.

A variety of light bites and drinks were available at various stations throughout the dock for guests to enjoy. Guests mingled and took plenty of pictures with the incredibly adorable birthday girls in their sailor costumes, both of which were more than happy to oblige.

Several of the guests also brought along their favourite four-legged friends. Amid photo taking and mingling by their owners, the stars of the party got to the chance to meet new friends and indulge in the treats that had been prepared especially for them.

As the sun made its descent into the horizon, the time came for the party to move on to the yacht. Led by Richard and Shalvynne, guests eagerly boarded the boat as they looked forward to getting out of the scorching heat.

The engines whirred to a start and the yacht was off on its journey. It made its way to a nearby spot for the best seat to catch the sunset. With the wind in their hair and their hearts beating to the rhythm of the music, the party was just starting.

Champagne was popped, wine flowed, and all had a good time. After taking in the gorgeous sunset on the horizon, it was time to head back for the grand finale.

No dogs’ birthday party would be complete without fireworks. As the yacht made its last turn to move into a parking position, all the attention turned skywards. After a few minutes of prepping, the night sky came alive with explosions of bright colours.

Cameras worked overtime as guests tried to immortalise the moment that they all knew would be all too fleeting. Just as quickly as it had started, the fireworks died out, signaling the end of a day of revelry.

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