While there is certainly is no place like home, there's something special about travel. Travel puts smiles on our faces, and it makes our eyes see and appreciate the world that little bit more, too. So, in realising how happy travel can make us, it's little wonder that travel rewards are a major part of customer loyalty programmes for many brands these days.

Bank Mandiri is one such brand, especially in the private banking sector, which is taking a fresh approach to customer loyalty. In recent years, Mandiri Private Banking has been nurturing its customer base, implementing travel rewards programmes to keep VIP clients happy.

And so it was that in December, Mandiri Private Banking invited its private banking customers to experience a one-of-a-kind luxury European vacation. This programme, named "A Path to Unforgettable Italy-France", gave its customers the privilege of visiting Italy and France, and a wide range of complimentary perks.

In total, 24 customers joined this trip, visiting eight cities: Milan, Monaco, Nice, Grasse, Cannes, Lyon, Beaune, and Paris. Indonesia Tatler also had the chance to accompany the VIPs on this vacation programme and it was glorious!

On our first night when we arrived in Milan, Mr. Tardi, Bank Mandiri Retail Banking Director, also joined with the customers to enjoy a dinner at Michelin-starred Jade Cafe, and to deliver a warm welcome to all participants of the trip.

On our last night, we had a farewell dinner in Paris, which the Head of Private Banking Bank Mandiri, Mrs. Beatrix Santi Anugrah, gave a speech and information about the travelling programme as a way to engage, build meaningful relationships with, and provide the best value to the private banking customers.

With this kind of programme, customer loyalty takes on new depths of meaning. Most of the participants felt more than fortunate to have spent their time enjoying the wonderful places and experiences with such an amazing group of people coming from diverse backgrounds, businesses and cities. All the participants felt the new bonds that only come with travelling together as a new family of friends. Until next time, bon voyage!

Photo credit: Dewi Irma

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