In the regiment of facial treatments, we are often required to sit so still under a cold wet sheet of mask for 20 agonising minutes, and sometimes we wonder: is it really the best treatment in the year 2018?

Say goodbye to the complex routine of daily treatments with the brand-new UFO Smart Mask by FOREO where your 20-minute treatment is reduced into a 90-second spa-worthy facial treatment. UFO, which stand for “Ur Future Obsession”, is a compact handheld device that’s made of soft and ergonomic medical-grade silicone and a gold-plated application surface. Although simple at sight, this beauty gadget packs different dynamic like no other skincare tools before.

Whether you’re looking for a Christmas present or simply just being a generous person, FOREO’s UFO is the perfect gift for any skincare addict, and here are the reasons why.

Sleek design, easy to use, and portable


Photo: Courtesy of FOREO

Bearing sleek Swedish design and developed in by leading Korean skincare experts, the innovative UFO device is available in three vibrant colours: fuschia, mint, and pearl pink. UFO is also perfect for those on tight schedules or who travel a lot, being lightweight, portable, and water resistant. One full charge can last for up to 40 uses with no bulky charging dock to transport as it’s rechargeable via a USB cable.

Hyper-Infusion Technology


Photo: Courtesy of FOREO

FOREO UFO boasts hyper-infusion technology that combines thermotherapy, cryotherapy, and T-sonic pulsations for deeper dermal absorption and to boost the efficacy of the UFO-activated masks. For starters, thermotherapy radiates comfortable heat, which, in turn, softens the skin and unclogs the pores, while cryotherapy cools to lift and firm your skin while reducing puffiness and pores, and provides 10,000 T-sonic pulsations per minute to stimulate microcirculation, which helps the absorption of the mask’s essence and provides a relaxing massage at the same time.

Premium skincare formulas


Photo: Courtesy of FOREO

The world’s most-advanced smart mask will put you on the fast track to improved and give you flawless-looking skin. For ultimate experience and results, ultra-soft microfibre masks are drenched in premium skincare formulas. Make My Day is equipped with hyaluronic acid and red algae for hydration and radiance, while Call It A Night comes with ginseng and olive oil to revitalise and replenish the skin. Elsewhere, UFO also provides full-spectrum LED for three photofacials options in one device, with optimised wavelengths for specific skin concerns: red for rejuvenation; blue to kill acne-causing bacteria; and green to improve pigmentation.

‘FOREO For You’ mobile app


Photo: Courtesy of FOREO

We all need convenience in our lives, especially in our beauty routine. The futuristic mask screams convenience like never before with the advanced all-in-one FOREO For You mobile app. With this, FOREO aims to deliver a skincare treatment 100 per cent devoted to your personalised preferences and allows unrestricted movement during use and ensures even distribution of the UFO-activated mask’s essence across all areas of the face. With even more variations of masks released, you can add or remove masks just as you would on iTunes and devise your very own skincare playlist. Now wouldn’t that be a lovely Christmas gift?

Only 90 seconds

IMG_8937 2.jpg

Photo: Courtesy of FOREO

Say goodbye to the complex routine of daily treatments with the brand-new UFO Smart Mask by FOREO where your 20-minute treatment is reduced into a 90-second spa-worthy facial treatment. Can we all say wow?

Moreover, the time couldn’t be more perfect to purchase this groundbreaking device as they are currently having a holiday sale from November 22 to November 27 you can’t surely miss. Shop through to earn the discount now!

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