With an abundance of natural, effective ingredients in Indonesia, it’s time to pay more attention to local organic beauty products that have been making their name slowly but surely on the local beauty scene. The key word here is “organic”: something that we value more and more nowadays as chemical ingredients continue to dominate our daily lives. With no further ado, here’s our round-up.


Good Vibes Organic

Good Vibes Organic was born out of the belief that every health and skin problem has its own treatment. Personally, I’ve been using its 20% Vit C serum for a few months now and I am impressed with the results. Its natural organic sleep aid and Hairpro shampoo have also developed quite a following, and we can’t wait to see what they come up with next.



Sensatia Botanicals

Having been around the beauty scene in Bali since 2000, Sensatia Botanicals not only provides effective natural beauty products, it also lauds itself as a brand that says no to animal testing, parabens, palm oils, synthetic colourings, and artificial fragrances.




Its range of natural treatments aims to balance inner and outer beauty so that users feel confident about themselves. Popular products include the brightening, balanced, and rejuvenating series. A consistent approach to beauty and creative experimentation with different natural ingredients make it worth a try.



Photo: Milaxo

Named after the Eucaplyptus plant, Eucalie was created to help reduce people’s exposure to everyday chemicals through its organic products. The bestselling Argan Oil Anti-Aging serum comes with a bevy of benefits without a hint of chemicals. With an affordable price and a wide range of essential oils that suit different needs, Eucalie is here to stay.



Skin Dewi

Photo: Skin Dewi

Not only focused on creating amazing organic products, Skin Dewi aims to educate the masses through its organic skincare workshops. Whatever questions or curiosities you have about organic ingredients will be answered by professionals, and better yet, you can create your own bespoke beauty products to cater to your skin’s specific needs.



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