Cosmetic surgery can be life-changing because it means a part of a patient’s body is going to be reconstructed into a different form. Patients should take cosmetic surgery seriously as it involves surgery and recovery time. It doesn’t matter whether her or she is planning on having rhinoplasty or a tummy tuck—after surgery, recovery is really important. However, the good news is that there are some steps that you can take now to significantly improve your plastic surgery recovery time.

Dr. Deby Vinski. Photo: Courtesy of Dr.Deby Vinski

We recently caught up with Dr Deby Vinski, MscAA, PhD, President of the World Council of Preventive Medicine (WOCPM) based in Paris and the owner of the Perfect Beauty Aesthetic & Anti-Aging Clinic in Jakarta, and asked her about important tips she recommends to help boost cosmetic surgery recovery time.

Communicate with your doctor

Dr Deby Vinski emphasised the importance of communication with your doctor, and to clear any doubts or nagging questions you have in your mind. Consult with your doctor on your dietary needs and which types of food to avoid. Dr Deby firmly said: “Ask your doctor anything you want to know about a procedure, as well as recovery and discharge.” This is necessary to create a smooth and successful surgery.

Don’t be shy to discuss Aneasthesia and Analgesia

“It’s important to discuss anaesthesia and analgesia with your doctor because anaesthesia is a procedure that cannot be badly administered or even administered without patient consent,” said Dr Debby. “Also, discuss what kind of analgesic medicine to take, as there are specific painkillers that will help relieve you from pain after plastic surgery. It’s also important to remember that analgesic drugs are different than anaesthetic drugs that temporarily eliminate sensation in your body.” Dr Deby also emphasised that anaesthesia should only be given and directed by a certified anaesthesiologist.

Get familiar with your surroundings

Patients who are expected to be transferred to the intensive care or high-dependency unit after surgery might like to visit the unit beforehand, according to Dr Deby. She further added: “It’s really important for patients to get familiar with their surroundings in the hospital, as this will lead to reduced anxiety.”

Complete check-up before surgery

Dr Deby also reminded us that a total check-up on patient’s body is necessary before surgery. The details written on patient’s wristband are an important tool that doctors and nurses use to match with a patient’s record. Before any surgery, patients should undergo a laboratory check-up and fill out pre-operative medicine records. X-rays should be conducted when necessary, with the test results helping your doctor determine the right method of surgery. It doesn’t stop there: a patient's vital signs should also be recorded, and if there are any abnormal readings, your doctor should immediately know.


The talented doctor also understands the difficulties of fasting before surgery. She further explained: “Fasting can be difficult to manage when theatre lists can be changed and operations cancelled; therefore, it is important for hospital to provide adequate access to food and drink that are in line with local policies. However, remember that on the day of a patient’s plastic surgery, they have to fast for a minimum of six hours so that the patient’s stomach is empty and risk of complications reduced.”

Pre-operative care

Last, but not least: “Pre-operative preparation is vital for the patient’s safety,” said Dr Deby. This involves a variety of procedures, from making sure that the patient understands the operation and is able to give informed consent unless this is not possible due to age or mental capacity. The goal is to assess the fitness of the patient, with whatever tests are indicated. Right before the surgery, whichever part that will undergo surgery will be washed with an antiseptic, and any anxiety of the patient should be addressed so that they will feel safe and comfortable.

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