It is not a secret anymore that Gangnam in South Korea is the hottest place for plastic surgery. More than 50,000 foreign tourists visited South Korea to receive plastic surgeries in 2017, as the Jakarta Post reported. With direct flights offered from major cities in Indonesia, many women and men take their “Beauty Trip” to Korea over the weekends to get a double eyelid surgery or touch-up with fat grafting.

Just like SoHo shopping street in New York City, you will be amazed to see hundreds of plastic surgery clinics lined up on streets of Apgujeong in Gangnam. Now our question is, how do we find the best clinic when every clinic has flashy advertisements and impressive results? We had a deeper look into top Korean plastic surgery clinics.

One clinic, VIP Plastic Surgery Center, has been one of the leading centers providing luxury service and flawless results catering to international customers. With the dedication to serve every customer as their VIP customer, their services revolve around the clients to avoid running like a “factory clinic”. Therefore, they are proud to have zero malpractice for nineteen years.

The chief surgeon and the founder of VIP Plastic Surgery Center, Dr. Myung Ju Lee, is the first surgeon to introduce a High-SMAS Facelift and rib cartilage rhinoplasty without any implants. His clients make appointments in advance from all over the globe for these specialties as he performs only for one to two clients per day for the best result.

As plastic surgery tourism inquiry increased exponentially, the clinic now offers clients “One-stop Premium Beauty Trip” providing premium services for international customers including airport pick-up service, VIP accommodation, full-body examination, overnight nursing care, daily check-up by doctors, and professional skincare programs.

Find more about VIP Plastic Surgery Center Korea at; WhatsApp +62-818-0737-4400

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