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The fashion industry is one of the largest waste-producing industries. Especially with fast-fashion, the life cycles of the garments are short, causing more wastes to pile up. For that reason, more and more fashion brands are starting to advocate the slow-fashion movement which offers sustainable goods, encouraging consumers to respect the environment and the products themselves. Good news is, not only you have to go abroad to acquire them, you can shop yours right here in Indonesia! Here are five sustainable Indonesian fashion brands that you can wear and save the earth at the same time!

Kana Goods

Kana Goods is an Indonesian fashion brand that offers women’s and men’s clothing made out of natural materials, using indigo dyes and contemporary handwritten batik. Moreover, their clothes are one-size-fits-all to avoid excess production. Founded by Sancaya Rini, the brand’s mission is to raise awareness regarding environmental issues through delivering the value of Indonesian natural dye. You can find Kana Goods at Stow Jakarta, the Goods Dept Kemang Village and Pacific Place, and concept store, Kolektiv. Check out Kana Goods here.

Seratus Kapas

Offering simple and urban women’s clothing, Seratus Kapas creates its products out of raw fabrics and natural dyes. The treatments they use are traditional pre-washed and dyeing processes. The brand believes that when there’s more involvement in the process, it will create greater value for their goods. Check out Seratus Kapas here.


Ethical textiles that use natural colorant and organic pattern, Osem offers goods ranging from clothes to accessories and home furniture made out of handmade pattern and natural indigo dye. Also, for those of you who are interested in learning the process of using the indigo dye for their clothes, you can join their workshops that they conduct quite frequently. Check out the brand here.

Imaji Studio

Its are clothes made out of natural dyes and hand woven fabrics from trees and plants, Imaji Studio works alongside local Indonesian artisans to create beautiful patterns. The brand offers clothing for both men and women. Imaji Studio is available at TheFThing, the Goods Dept and Bobobobo. Check out their collections here.


Biasa incorporates creative cuts, artisanal details, and natural materials to create sophisticated clothing for ladies and gents. Their garments are handmade, hand-stitched and used hand-loomed fabrics. Founded by Italian-born designer and art enthusiast, Susanna Perini, you can shop Biasa in Seminyak, Bali and in Kemang area in Jakarta. Visit their website here.

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