Nowadays, more and more Indonesian women are keeping both their physique and sense of fashion in check. Because let’s face it, staying fit goes hand in hand with being fashionable. If you are looking for some fit and fashionable icons to follow, we have the list for you. Here we present the 7 fit, fierce and fashionable Indonesian ladies on Instagram that you should follow.

Junita Liesar

A sophisticated socialite, a fierce face and a charming charisma are the adjectives that can describe Junita Liesar. With her dedication to yoga, Junita Liesar sure knows how to stay well-groomed by mastering all the yoga poses possible. Her sense of style sticks to classy and posh. One thing we love about Junita is the smile that she wears that compliments her whole look!

Alika Islamadina

This gorgeous singer not only sings so well, but does fashion so well too! A denim jacket or a kimono, Alika does an outer so well. Her sense of fashion ranges from casual chic all the way to classy formal and we absolutely love it!

Valerie Thomas

This 19 year-old is killing it. At such a young age, Valerie has her own lipstick brand which sure helps compliment her look, every time. As we see it, Valerie enjoys indulging in streetwear. Her sense of style screams good-looking. Camo pants to bomber jackets, Valerie sure is up-to-date! Not to forget, Valerie stays fit and in shape with her frequent gym visits.

Farah Quinn

Celebrity chef, mother and a TV personality: some women just have it all! Farah Quinn sure does compliment herself. Her sense of style would appear as lady-like and superior. From the golf field to the kitchen, Farah stays fit and fabulous!

Sophia Latjuba

Indonesian actress, singer and a yogini, Sophia Latjuba loves an outfit or two! Sophia carries herself so well, you won’t believe it. Whether its as elegant as a patterned coat or as nonchalant as yoga pants; Sophia wears it effortlessly.

Ayla Dimitri

Fashion, career and handwork is what’s gotten Ayla Dimitri where she is today! This young fashion influencer puts us all at shame with the way she dresses up. You know how some people just tend to slay every look she wears? Ayla is surely one of them.

Wulan Guritno

A major combo: a model + an actress = Wulan Guritno! This superstar is a mom of three, but doesn’t look a day over 30! Whether its a frilled jumpsuit or just casually ripped jeans, Wulan pulls it off all well.

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