DRVIP Clinic is a medical aesthetic center established by the famous VIP Plastic Surgery Center in Seoul, Korea where many from Jakarta have gotten “the look” of their dreams. VIP Plastic Surgery Center is well known for its anti-aging and rhinoplasty procedures. Located in Jeju Island, DRVIP Clinic Jeju’s Beauty Tour Program is a one-of-a-kind experience that’s sure to leave you relaxed and rejuvenated.


Why Jeju ? Jeju is teaming with so many amazing elements. What makes it even better is there is no visa required to visit Jeju Island, which is convenient for tourists who wish to soak up some of the local flavor. And then, with all natural wonders of the ‘Hawaii of Korea’ that surround the clinic, the feeling of calmness and relaxation is the first thing that you will encounter when you arrived there before starting your aesthetic treatment.

The package offered by Jeju can truly be regarded as all-inclusive. It begins with Beauty Tour Program. At this point, the doctors will discuss with you about your aesthetic goals. If you have particular wishes regarding your future appearance, they will discuss what actions they can take to help you get there.

The beauty package includes modern accommodation, where you will be well-accommodated during your stay. There are numerous services that you can choose. One of them is Dermal Injections, which include Filler, followed by the Dermal Injection itself, and then concluded with a Shining Injection. You can get a specialized skin treatment. You will also get a whitening and a shining peel that will give you a youthful, healthy glow. Another treatments that you can get are The VIP Skin Treatment and Glow Lift, as well as the tone-up and lifting laser treatments.


RVIP Clinic is absolutely safe. If you’re a first-timer for any laser or dermal injection procedures, you have nothing to worry. The treatments require a very short period of downtime, so you’ll be able to go on with your daily activities.

Both residents and tourists believe that Jeju is the place to go for a mind and beauty transformation. When it is time for you to go back home, you will have the sense of lightness and readiness to return to your life with a sense of balance that your friends and family will immediately recognize.

Whenever you need relaxation after the hustle and bustle of your daily life and beauty treatment at the same time, DRVIP clinic and Jeju are there to get you back on track. High-end VIP treatment, professionalism and results are the things that you can surely get here. Arrange a visit and take the advantage of beauty’s best getaway.          

For more information, visit www.drvipclinic.com and www.vippskorea.com