Tell us about your book. Why did you decide to publish it?

Domisilium Studio: A Decade of Design Wanderlust is a collaborative book that tells the story of our journey as a company and what goes on behind our projects. In this book, my partner, Hamphrey Tedja, and I will be sharing the secret “ingredients” about our projects and behind-the-scene stories, our struggles, insights for aspiring young designers, as well as interesting facts about our world, which is often misunderstood as glamorous, relaxed, and unstructured.

Did you face any challenges when writing this book?

Making a book is not easy, especially because this is a self-published book. The most difficult thing is selecting a title: it took us months! It’s like naming your first-born baby. We worked together with Simpul Group to make this book a reality.

What are your most memorable projects?

We have completed more than 120 projects, and we will be featuring only 16 of them in the book because they are the truly special ones. If you want to find out more, you should buy the book!

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