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Luxury fashion and accessories retailer Masari recently hosted an event to celebrate the spring/summer 2018 preview of its multi-brand store’s collections. Local brands include Alenka & Margo, Aidan and Ice, Klove, Jasmine Elizabeth, and the newest addition, Doris Dorothea.

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Photo Courtesy of Masari

In honour of the women’s rights movement, Alenka & Margo presented the “Nias Collection” for spring/summer 2018. The collection presents bold statement pieces like ear cuffs and bangles in gorgeous plated gold. Meanwhile, Alenka & Margo finds the remarkable history and culture of Nias Island as an ideal representation of Indonesian women today.

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Next up is Aidan and Ice, which was inspired by the beauty of Greek culture and its fantastic myths to create a new collection that represents a summer atmosphere by incorporating colourful beads, beautiful crystals, and touches of gold lines. The fashion label has divided the collection into three categories within Greek culture, namely Greek Gardens, Greek Goddesses, and Greek Astrology.

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Photo Courtesy of Masari

Another highlight during the preview event was Klove’s collection, “Talisman Charm”, produced in collaboration with Vania Isfandari. The collection features a wide range of Klove signature lambskin straps beautifully decorated with unique hand-painted illustrations by The Brush Lady herself. The collaboration was inspired by a combination of folklore, mythology, and traditions, with each strap representing good luck charms and symbols from different cultures around the world. 

Jasmine Elizabeth, a shoe label from Bali, also showcased its latest collection called the “Summer Fling”. The inspiration here comes from the vision of a playful summer garden party featuring pastel colours that ooze feminity. Some of the key pieces are the Amy Heels, Cara Flats, and the new Dakota Heels.

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Photo Courtesy of Masari

As the latest addition to the Masari store, Doris Dorothea has now officially launched its first offline collaboration. Established in 2013, Doris Dorothea has a classic and modern style designed with the best exotic leather to create timeless and elegant products for modern Indonesian women. The brand uses the best-quality reptile leather and high-quality craftsmanship for its collection of exotic leather bags and wallets.

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