This week saw the return of the country’s biggest fashion show: Jakarta Fashion Week taking place at Senayan City, just like it always does. The event features myriad of young, potential, stunning new talents and renowned Indonesian fashion designers which made over 200 brands this year’s Jakarta Fashion Week, each of them carrying a different style, designs and theme collection. Writing of all 200 brands is a monumental task, which is why we have collected 10 Indonesian designers and labels and we categorized them per theme to make your life easier if your heart desire to wear it. Happy reading!

Indonesian Inspiration: Anne Avantie

Our country has some of the best motifs and patterns your eyes have ever seen. Stripes, batik, beads or everything combined; Indonesia is home to some of the most beautiful fabric patterns and revered designer Anne Avantie took full advantage of it with her collection. Furthermore, her collection called “Badai Pasti Berlalu” is in context to the recent Palu environmental issue. This collection portrays her love and inspiration for Indonesia. And it doesn’t stop there, the audience was taken aback when Minister of Maritime Affairs and FisheriesSusi Pudjiastuti took over the ramp in Annie’s piece.

Indonesian Inspiration: Bin House

Yet again, another coveted Indonesian designer who celebrates the Indonesian culture is Obin with her Bin House. The designer used silk and recreated it into a beautiful batik pattern. The models were seen in batik and kebaya, where celebrating Indonesia’s culture so proudly.

 Indonesian Inspiration: Purana Official

Sarong pants, jumpsuit, a kimono and an outerwear jacket, Purana was all about portraying Indonesia’s beauty at JFW 2019. The collection was in collaboration with Humbang Shibori from Rumah Kreatif Sinarmas who produces eco-friendly fabrics from North Sumatra. Eco-friendly and a collection this good, this one sure is a winner.

 Indonesian Inspiration: Deden Siswanto

The collection titled “KAGIRINAKU” by designer Deden Siswanto was inspired by Japanese legendary TV show Oshin that displayed beautiful patterns and accessories where colourful sarongs, batik patterns and everything in between juxtaposed elegantly on the runway. Indeed, this collection celebrated love, life and cultures.

Eccentric: Lulu Lutfi Labibi

Lulu Lutfi Labibi presented his S/S 19 collection and it boasts sensible dark and beautiful intricates with lots of patterns, men with earrings and never-seen-before pattern combinations. The atmosphere he was trying to bring out through his “Tepian” collection was a dark one. A lot of dark colours, particularly black was seen to represent spirituality. Furthermore, the Yogyakarta-based designer made sure to also present his signature Lurik pattern.

Classy: Peggy Hartanto

One of our country’s promising designers portrayed her very classy “PH19PANDORA” collection at JFW 2019. The collection packed all kinds of dresses you’d definitely want to be wearing next summer. There were gowns, jewelry and stunning models which Peggy put together all so well. It doesn’t come as a shock to us at how good Peggy collection was, because this one never disappoints.

Resort: Novita Yunus

Inspired by Indonesia’s azzure beautiful beaches is Novita’s “Pure Resort” collection, which definitely gave out vibrant beachy vibes. With lots of white and lace she presented her collection. We also spotted some breathtaking floral patterns and accessories your summer-self would thank you for wearing.

Resort: Danjyo Hiyoji

The summer is all about resorts, right? Danjyo Hiyoji presented a new collection titled “Pleisure” which carried lots of stripes and straw hats, and of course, sunglasses. The stripe jumpers were seen on both men and women and covered with an outer. Elsewhere, the models wore sandals to complete the whole look.

Colour Blocking: Rani Hatta

Tons of bright yellow, red, pink, blue and green was Rani Hatta’s ranger collection. These outfits made the runway looks like a rainbow dream come true. Rani’s models strutted in different attires, ranging from suits to trench coats. Oh, and we spotted boots too!

New Talent: Muyen

A collection inspired by the Sumatran culture, Muyen, fresh on the runway, definitely gave us something to stare at. Bright colours, stunning patterns, headpieces and an absolutely unique styling procedure, the spring/summer 2019 collection “Swarnadipa” is one to stay. Celebrating the mixture of traditional with a touch of modern, Flamuyen Minandacelebrates the Sumatran culture in a sophisticated way with Muyen’s new collection.

Muslim Clothing: Dian Pelangi x Wardah

“Socialove”, the brace and chic concept of this collection celebrates women’s fashion like never before. Designer Dian Pelangi shows us the silhouette of urban women’s fashion and bring out a young, free look. This collection carried some unique patterns and lots of sneakers! The models walked down confidently, celebrating Muslim clothing in a new way.

Sensational Muse: Cotton Ink

Local brand, Cotton Ink, left impression at Jakarta Fashion Week 2019. Celebrating its 10th year anniversary with tagline “Celebrating women, Celebrating you,”, the label came with some designs that everyone definitely needs. However the highlight of the show came when the models that walked for them were some recognizable names like musician, Sivia Zizah, fashion influencers Anastasia Siantar and Ayla Dimitri, and the label’s muse actress Dian Sastrowardoyo.

 Headpieces: Rinaldy Yunardi

The illustrious Rinaldy A. Yunardi created some of the best headpieces you will probably ever lay your eyes on at JFW 2019. Titled “The Faces”, the new collection showed a hero with a thousand faces, showing that everyone is a hero of their own story. Elegant with a hint of darkness, we are in love!

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Photo: Photo Courtesy of Jakarta Fashion Week

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