Welcoming February, we have a special series of IT Looks Couples for you! Starting off, we picked globetrotters Richard Muljadi and Shalvynne Chang for our premiere edition. The lovebirds, who own two adorable French bulldogs Miss Coco and Lady “Lulu” Bellucci, always look fashionable and camera-ready, whether they are attending events or travelling to the wild jungles of Africa.

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Richard and Shalvynne are also social media darlings, with hefty followers of 116k and 57k, respectively, so it is befitting to call them the trendsetters for #couplegoals on Instagram. Without further ado, here are 10 of our favourite looks that will make any heart flutter.

 Birthday Boy

For Richard’s 30th birthday, the couple jetted off to the Island of the Gods. Richard wears a black graphic T-shirt, ripped jeans, black-and-white sneakers, and glasses, while Shalvynne rests her head on Richard’s shoulder sporting a black jumpsuit, white studded sneakers, and brown cat-eye sunglasses.

 Singapore Darlings

Before departing for a prestigious party in Singapore, the couple poses in front of a limousine. Richard is clad in a grey bespoke tuxedo by Deboneire and black trousers, while Shalvynne wears a white halter-neck maxi-dress with plunging neckline, with a classic watch on her wrist and a small, rounded black purse.

 Champagne O’Clock

Attending Maison de Moët 2017 in Jakarta, Richard sports a pink shirt layered on top of navy blue suit, tan trousers and black loafers, while Shalvynne wears a stunning blue halter-neck maxi-dress with high slit, tan peep-toe pumps, gold clutch, and gold watch.

 African Ready

Visiting Kruger National Park in South Africa, the couple casually took a cheetah out for a walk. Richard wears a grey shirt, white jacket, jeans and sunglasses, while Shalvynne sports an ivory safari jumpsuit, brown sneakers, red-and-blue bandana and sunglasses.

 Supreme Red

The superstar couple are not afraid to show off their rebel persona. Standing in front of a red Ferrari, the couple rocked a similar ensemble: a BAPE (A Bathing Ape) colourful hoodie, black T-shirt, and ripped jeans. Richard sports white-framed sunglasses and red sneakers, while Shalvynne sports red-framed sunglasses, stiletto boots and is carrying a red Supreme x Louis Vuitton Keepall bag.

 The A-List

Attending the Mulia Resort and Villas Bali’s anniversary party, Richard looks dapper in a white suit, black shirt and black trousers standing beside his lady who opts for a violet gown.

 Melbourne Outfit

Posing outside Her Majesty’s Theatre Melbourne, Shalvynne sports a white ensemble: a sweater with a belt accent and skinny jeans paired with a tan trench coat, black calf-length boots and an orange handbag. Richard is not far behind in his white sweater, brown biker jacket, jeans, and white sneakers.

 Modern Lovers

During a weekend getaway in Australia, Shalvynne wears a blue blazer, white skinny jeans, black thigh-high suede boots, Chanel black purse, and sunglasses, while Richard sports a striped sweater paired with ripped jeans, camel ankle boots, fedora hat, a wristwatch, and sunglasses.

 Happy Anniversary

For their third anniversary, the couple snuggle as they pose in front of the Cartier factory in La Chaux-de-Fonds, Switzerland. Shalvynne is clad in black top, grey puffer jacket, black pants, black gloves, silver handbag, and gold sunglasses, while Richard looks warm in black turtleneck, black gloves, and a tan ensemble: double-breasted suit, coat and pants—plus those trendy specs.

 Spring Fling

In front of Wawel Castle in Poland, Richard opts for a sky-blue shirt, abstract black leather jacket, black jeans and black sports shoes. Beside him, Shalvynne is a chic persona in a black top, black trousers, a denim jacket, black knee-length boots and a dark green handbag. The couple, as usual, wore matching sunglasses.

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