IMG_9204.JPGPrada infamously stole the fashion scene when it introduced nylon to luxury fashion, making the material its trademark ever since. But little did it know that the choice of fabric would end up polluting the world’s oceans.

Now, following in the footsteps of other fashion pioneers such as Chanel and Burberry, Prada is doing its part in creating a more sustainable future. Earlier this year, the brand announced that it will be going totally fur-free by the end of 2020 and, as an effort to reduce the increasing amount of plastic disposed of every day, Prada plans to only use recycled nylon for its products by the end of 2021.


To kick off the move, the brand is launching a line called “Re-Nylon”, consisting of six different designs, including a belt bag, a shoulder bag, and its signature backpack, all made using recycled nylon. The brand’s traditional triangle logo is interpreted into the universal recycling symbol, unique to the collection.

“It’s a massive reduction in nylon and a big impact in terms of sustainability,” said Lorenzo Bertelli, Head of Marketing and Communications at Prada Group, to Business of Fashion magazine.

Prada’s sustainable line is created in partnership with Aquafil, an Italian textile yarn producer, and will use econyl—a form of nylon created by recycling and purifying ocean plastic, fishing nets, and textile fibre waste. The material can be recycled indefinitely while still maintaining the same high-quality luxurious pieces Prada is known for. The very same material has also been used by other designers including Stella McCartney, Adidas, and Triumph.

Focusing on creating and promoting a company culture that prioritises giving back to society, an undisclosed amount of the sales from its nylon products will be donated to a project it is currently working on with UNESCO, focusing on environmental sustainability. Meanwhile, Prada’s sister brands, Car Shoe, Church’s, and Miu Miu, will also be joining the move towards an eco-friendly future.

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