Adriana Lima is one of Victoria’s Secret’s most-revered and iconic angels who has been walking down the runway for the past two decades. Last week, as we witnessed yet another spectacular Victoria’s Secret fashion show, we also witnessed Adriana Lima’s last time on the runway. Adriana walked her first show when she was just 18 years old back in 1999 and earned the title of a Victoria’s Secret Angel in 2000. The Brazilian model has graced the show with fierce looks that were nothing but fire, that’s just how sizzling she is! From wings and capes to the fantasy bra; the 37-year-old model has worn it all.

In honour of Adriana’s last show, Indonesia Tatler has gathered 10 of Adriana’s most-iconic looks throughout her time as a Victoria’s Secret Angel. Try to make it to the end without your jaws dropping.

2000: Brunette beautycharity-gala-evening-the-victorias-secret-fashion-show-in-news-photo-113929428-1541736765.jpg

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After being given named a Victoria’s Secret Angel in 2000, Adriana Lima really proved to the public how much of an angel she is as she walked the runway in Cannes. Covered in gold body chains and a light-green bikini, the model topped it off with a bold expression as she walked down the runway as an Angel for the first time.

2001: Heavenly bodyhbz-victorias-secret-fashion-show-adriana-lima-hbz-victorias-secret-fashion-show-adriana-lima-2001-gettyimages-2227253-1541735897.jpg

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The Brazilian model gave the public the assurance of how good she really was as a Victoria’s Secret model in 2001. Adriana walked down the runway confidently with a mini bustier in dove white and sparkly wings that had metallic tassels on them. The angel had risen!

2006: White wonderlandhbz-victorias-secret-fashion-show-adriana-lima-2006-gettyimages-135392182-1541735893.jpg

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Fast forward a few years, and in 2006 Adriana stole the show in her all-white wonderland outfit in Los Angeles. The bombshell wore a shiny white lingerie piece and was covered in full body chains. It doesn’t end there, though, as the angel put on a white feather cape to top it off.

2007: Candy cane Adrianahbz-victorias-secret-fashion-show-adriana-lima-2007-gettyimages-106178825-1541735894.jpg

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Mirror mirror on the wall: who’s the cutest of them all? Adriana Lima brought in Christmas in style in 2007 when she walked down the runway. In this candy cane-inspired outfit (perfect for the holiday season), Adriana walked down the ramp in Los Angeles. She made sure to not forget her Christmas hat!

2010: Sporty spice

hbz-victorias-secret-fashion-show-adriana-lima-2010-gettyimages-123629722-1541735894.jpgPhoto: Photo Courtesy of Getty Images

Exuding sporty vibes in 2010, the model wore an orange and green piece with athleisure wedges. Who said sporty couldn’t look sexy? Adriana just proved it to us all. To further enhance her look, the Gemini-born model wore a green cape to give her runway strut a flourish.

2012: Royally glamhbz-victorias-secret-fashion-show-adriana-lima-2012-gettyimages-155729557-1541735890.jpg

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Exuding everything royal, Adriana wowed the audience with her embellished jacket and thigh-highs and set the temperature soaring in New York in 2012. Her colourful Victoria’s Secret look also came with a circus hat and a colourful cape. Magnifique!

2014: Bra-zilian549bc48a8a264_-_elle-17-victorias-secret-fashion-show.jpg

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The usually cold London was hit with gust of heat in 2014 when Adriana Lima, along with another Victoria’s Secret Angel, Alessandra Ambrosio, walked down the runway decked in fantasy bras! Hand-in-hand, the two showed off the fantasy bra so elegantly.

2015: Garden vibesAdriana-Lima-Victoria-Secret-Fashion-Show-2015-Pictures.jpg

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Can we just take a moment to enjoy just how defined Adriana’s body looks? The stunning model looked like a beautiful Amazonian garden in 2015 at New York City, with her nude Victoria’s Secret lingerie and leafy wings.

2017: Preening peacockgettyimages-876613102.jpg

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Last year, the angel took over Shanghai with a colourful attitude. Adriana, looking like an elegant peacock, flaunted her feathers while wearing a wide, bright smile. The mother-of-two painted the night bright when she walked down the ramp.

2018: Last, but not least

For her final entry, Adriana made sure to mark her last walk down the ramp as one to remember. The 178-metre-tall supermodel took her final walk as a Victoria’s Secret Angel in a gorgeous feathery outfit. And it goes without saying that even after two decades, Adriana Lima still made the audience go wow. Her final walk got a little emotional, but “Once an angel, always an angel.”

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