It seems as if the fur industry is fighting a losing battle. While consumers still want to wear fur, which has long been a symbol of wealth and high status, it is difficult for manufacturers to find an ethical solution. Real fur means skinning animals while, on the other hand, faux fur is ruining the environment thanks to non-biodegradable fibres.

Still, consumers prefer faux fur than the killing of innocent animals, and, as a result, fur manufacturers and suppliers are losing trade, so now they are betting on influencers to help them make a comeback, with the first being Bryan Boy.

Saga Furs has long been supplying premium furs to luxury brands such as Fendi, among many others. These brands are leading the industry and dictating the current trends, but with their general policy to go fur-free, Saga Furs had little hope—that is until earlier this year, when it announced its collaboration with Bryan Boy.

Bryan has been open about expressing his love for fur and why he thinks it is better for the environment. “I really do think fur is the most sustainable material in the world. There are tons of landfills out there filled with cheap fabrics that are being disposed every day, and for me, it’s so wasteful” he said. “A good fur coat will outlive me. The coat I’m wearing will live on for another generation after me, or maybe even two generations, so I think it’s good for the planet.”

Although there is some truth to what he is saying, the fur industry has been defending itself using the logic that trapping animals with large populations is sustainable. However, there is still a market for premium, rare furs that are more glamourous, although real fur is still processed and treated with chemicals to prolong its life.

The debate about which type of fur is better for the environment is complex and one that won’t end anytime soon. What about you? What’s your take on this?