Plastic surgery is becoming more popular and many of you might considering to get the surgery done. Rhinoplasty is quite common procedure as many people are dissatisfied with their nose shape, height, or length. Although it’s a popular procedure, choosing the right surgeon will provide a good, long lasting results for you. Here’s why:

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Finding a rhinoplasty specialist is something that shouldn’t be taken lightly. If you have had some of the above issues with your nose or just want to improve the overall appearance, you will need a doctor that considers your facial features and who can deftly handle cartilage such as rib rhinoplasty. This is extremely crucial.

Nose is an essential part of our face. It is the main part of our respiratory system, which affects our breathing greatly. If your rhinoplasty only considers the shape and disregards or interferes with your functional part of your nose, then you will face a hard time to breathe. This is why you need to find the right surgeon that can both correct your nose function & aesthetics.

It is pretty common to see cases of rhinoplasty where the nose become too short or the breathing passages gets interfered. Hence, for this reason, many people search for revision rhinoplasty.

Now the medical skills and technology is so advanced that you can address both your functional and aesthetic part of your nose in a single rhinoplasty without using any foreign implant. See above video for a patient’s experience. Dr. Lee Myung Ju, from VIP Plastic Surgery Center Korea is the world class top rhinoplasty surgeon. He is known for using autologous tissue for rhinoplasty cases, a “zero implant rhinoplasty.”

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