Power dressing has evolved—choosing the right kind of suit is crucial, as some types of suit are more casual and are perfect for coffee meetings, while others are more formal and will be suitable for black-tie events. As a rough guide, remember that a double-breasted suit will always be more suitable for formal events. And always remember that power dressing is not just about the money you spend on a suit—it is about picking the right look and fit for the right occasion.

 1.      Perfect Fit

Slim fit chinz suit. Photo: Courtesy of Zara

Designers and stylists agree that perfectly fitted suits exude confidence and authority. If you are confused about whether you have found the perfect fit, keep this formula in mind: the jacket should be wide enough so as not to press on the shoulders, and when buttoned up it should be flat against the stomach. The trousers must hang well: there should be a visible, clean line from the top to the bottom.

 2.      Lighter materials

Dolce & Gabbana two-piece suit. Photo: Courtesy of Harrod's

Nowadays, power suits use lighter fabrics such as cotton and light wool that are more breathable and which are especially suited to tropical countries like Indonesia. Linen is another material that is being used as it is perfect for summer seasons, being light and moisture resistant. Most of these fabrics do not drape or hang stiffly on the body, which is what makes the power suit today.

 3.      Double-breasted jacket

Ralph Lauren Velvet double breasted jacket. Photo: Courtesy of Harrod's

Forget pinstripe suits, which not only look out of date, but which can also feel too abrasive in a modern office environment. You can trade pinstripes for a double-breasted jacket. These jackets require skill and confidence to pull them off, which is why men tend to shy away from them. The secret is to forget loud plaid pattern or thick pinstripes and wear a dark-coloured suit to successfully hide that spare tyre around your waist.

 4.      Good timepiece

Hublot Big Bang Ferrari Unico Watch. Photo: Courtesy of Harrod's

You need to get timepieces that fit the occasion. Timepieces are powerful accessories that can either break or build an outfit. Analog timepieces are seen as classic and more formal, making them appropriate for business situations, formal events, or dates. Digital timepieces with LED facexs are considered casual. You can, of course, choose to just buy one timepiece, but remember to choose it carefully for the greatest utility. Remember that the best timepieces are those that are simple, versatile, sophisticated, and classic.

  5.      Get the right colors

Dolce & Gabbana Two-piece suit. Photo: Coutersy of Harrod's

Colours have the power to exude confidence and authoritative behaviour—wearing certain colours wordlessly symbolises your capability to manoeuvre among both professional and social circles. The perfect power colours for suits are navy blue and charcoal grey, because the darker the colour, the higher the authority. If you are doubtful over what colour to pick, go for navy blue as it is the most widely accepted colour for a suit. Brown is another power colour that is slowly on the rise as it is considered a non-aggressive shade.

  6.      All tied up

Corneliani Paisley Tie. Photo: Courtesy of Harrod's

Knowing the right tie colour and knotting is an artform because ties can make or break suits. For design, go for small stripes and dots instead of large flowers and geometrical patterns. Power colours for ties are shades of yellow, blue and red. Remember that warm-coloured ties are elegant and powerful.

  7.      Buttons to button

All Saints Redondo shirt. Photo: Courtesy of Harrod's

Buttoned shirts are something that you can throw on inside your suit. White shirts are the most common in professional settings, but French blue, blue, white, powder pink, and light purple are equally strong. If you have a light complexion, be careful when wearing baby blue as it can make you look pale.

 8.    Taking strides

Dries Van Noten Derby shoes. Photo: Courtesy of Harrod's

Pick classic shoes such as lace-ups with cap-toes or wing tips. Be careful not to use clunky clogs, which may make a noise as they hit the floor, distracting your co-workers or business partners. Keeping your shoes looking clean is just as necessary, so learn how to polish them properly or take them to professional cleaners every now and then.

Whatever clothing you choose, remember the old saying: dress for the job you want, not the one you have. 

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