Generation T


Andrian Ishak

From the economy and music to physics and chemistry, Andrian truly lets imagination lie at the heart of his artful passions—Namaaz Dining being the most recent ever since he sold his electric guitar to open it in 2012. Guiding him at the forefront of Indonesia’s molecular gastronomy is a sense of curiosity to new discoveries that had started off at the age of 9, which earned the sweet martabak pancake a special place in Andrian’s heart despite initial failure. Expect no less surprises from the 17-course Indonesian dinner at the 28-seat restaurant, such as the cryogenic and photogenic version of spiced fish in banana-leaf wrap, or the explosive Explodeng that interprets podeng ice’s sweet fillings with nitro-pressurised chocolate espuma. The self-taught chef counts Heston Blumenthal as his inspiration and passes on his fascination to children through a recent one-day fine-dining special for kids inspired by Disney Pixar’s Coco movie.