Generation T


Dana Maulana

With a passion for fashion and the desire to explore his creative side, which he couldn’t do with his formal education, Dana Maulana, who has a Bachelor’s degree in Engineering and a Master’s in International Business, went ahead and took the plunge into launching his own fashion label, Danjyo Hiyoji. It all started in the first year of college in 2001 when he started the business with his childhood friend Liza Masitha. He tries to keep up to date with the new generation and stay connected with them, including via his #WeAreDanjyoHiyoji movement, which is intended to represent people of any age who have inner youthful spirits. Since he began the label, Danjyo Hiyoji has evolved from only two sewing machines and a dream into what it is today because of teamwork and talented partners. As such, Dana can be proud that Danjyo Hiyoji has become one of the most well-known local brands in Jakarta.