There are things you should consider when you’re planning to remodel your kitchen. Whether you’re renovating a small area or the entire kitchen, always do your research, especially if this isn’t your field. Revamping the kitchen is not merely about improving its appearance, but also its functionality. Read on for five easy tips you can take note of.

Good placement

Before you start remodelling your kitchen, think about where you want to place your kitchen items. This way kitchen work will be more convenient for you. For instance, you could place the dishware and flatware near the dishwasher to simplify your unloading process.

 Kitchen flow

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To design a kid-friendly kitchen, avoid placing the cooktop in traffic areas to prevent children from knocking the handles and later causing spills when running through. Also, it’s advisable that the refrigerator be accessible to both passers and people working in cooking and clean-up areas.

 Avoid the corners

In order to make your cabinets fully functional, make sure to plan out the cabinet doors’ swings direction. Avoid keeping the kitchen appliances in the corners, and make sure that the doors won’t clash into each other when they open at the same time.

 Simplify cleaningkitchen-3496594_960_720.jpg


When you’re making your remodelling decisions, choose finishes that will be convenient to clean. For instance, matte finishes won’t show dirt as much as glossy finishes do. Also, glass refrigerator shelves can catch spills that wire shelves are not able to.

 Lighter colours for smaller kitchen


Darker colours can make a space smaller, especially when the space is already small as it is. By using lighter or softer shades, the small area of the kitchen will not be the main highlight and with natural lighting the small kitchen’s area can visually expand.

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