Today’s offices are no longer defined as sets of tables and chairs inside a building. Now, many elements are involved—there are those that only include one table and one chair in a co-working space, or it could be in your home, in a café, or 36,000 feet up in the air in an aeroplane.

To keep up with the demands, our office spaces should allow us to deliver maximum productivity without sacrificing our health. That’s where the concept of ergonomic workspaces comes in. Proper use of ergonomics will enhance your productivity levels while minimising your fatigue and discomfort levels.

Poorly made workspaces often lead to loss of productivity, frustration, and, worst of all, injuries to employees. For example, employees who have to hunch or slouch due to poor seating posture can obtain back pain or neck pain when the distance between their computer screen and line of sight is not ideal. To improve overall productivity and reduce costs related to employee injuries, companies should really think about applying ergonomics into their workplaces.

Not only will ergonomics improve human productivity and performance, but will also lessen the risk of obtaining musculoskeletal injuries, which are caused when employees sit for hours on chairs that do not have ergonomic features that support the natural shape and movement of our bodies. Having a height-adjustable work desk is also a way to improve productivity, as the human body was not designed to sit still for long periods. Standing up every once in a while releases the muscle stress accumulated from sitting too long, which helps reduce discomfort.

If done well, ergonomic workplaces can be the competitive edge in the marketplace. Creating a good working culture by improving workspaces as a core value of a company is proven to increase productivity. Healthy and productive employees are a company’s most valuable asset and fostering a health and safety-oriented culture will only lead to a positive bottom line.

Based on all things above, we recently collaborated with Rifyo, the authorised Herman Miller dealer for Indonesia, and also other brands such as Formcase, Arper, Decca, and Ligne Roset, to create a video that inspires the importance of an ergonomic setup in the workspace.

Rifyo has always valued the innovation of products by designers and focuses on providing lifestyle solutions that are as practical as they are elaborate while remaining conscious of the environment. Solutions that not only feel and look good now—but also for decades to come.

In the video, Rifyo will give insights and a guided step-by-step on how to make the best ergonomic workspace for you. Watch the video above!

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