The amount of plastic waste is choking up our oceans, lakes, and rivers and killing our plants and wildlife. It contains toxic pollutants and it takes hundreds of years for plastic to really break down—thus, the damage to the environment is long-lasting.

It is time for us to really understand the negative impact of plastics not just for the environment, but also to the wildlife and, ultimately, ourselves. Not only bringing a negative impact on marine animals, but it also impacts the economy and food supply, especially in communities that rely on fishing as their main trade and food source. It also hurts plankton, which is the main source of food for larger animals. Polluted plankton will end up in animals’ stomachs and, ultimately, our own.

All this is why we teamed up with Melati Wijsen, who founded the movement Bye Bye Plastic Bags in Bali with her younger sister, to create a video giving you easy tips to start being the eco-warrior for our environment and wildlife. Curious to know what the tips are? Check out our video or go to our YouTube channel to see more.

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