With his staggering skills and powerful persistence, Jonatan Christie has shown wonders in the field, winning the gold medal in the men’s singles match and gaining fame during the 18th Asian Games after a shirtless stunt, which went crazily viral. But there is more to Jojo than meets the eye. So let’s learn more about this badminton superstar.

Badminton boy

Jojo has been playing badminton for the longest time. It started as a hobby and he has definitely made a living out of it. Jojo started playing when he was fairly young and won his first international title at the age of 15 at the Indonesia International Challenge. Jojo also took part in the Badminton World Federation (BWF) World Tour, the BWF Superseries, the BWF Grand Prix, and the BWF International Challenge/Series. Isn’t it amazing how his passion has gotten Jojo this far in life?

Going for gold

You probably recognised Jojo when he snatched the gold medal playing against Chou Tien-chen from Taiwan in the men’s singles final during the 18th Asian Games. The match took place at Gelora Bung Karno less than a month ago and was probably one of the best moments of the 18th Asian Games. We can all take pride in knowing that Jojo is in our country’s team.

Movie cameo

When we talk about Jojo, we’re definitely talking about all things badminton. However, in 2009, Jojo made a cameo appearance in a badminton-themed movie entitled King. Jojo, alongside other legendary badminton players, played a small role in this movie, which was dedicated to Liem Swie King, the legendary badminton player who served on the national badminton team.

Only 21

It’s truly inspiring how Jojo is only 21 years old and yet has managed to achieve so much. All the medals, trophies, and recognition are truly mesmerising, but what can we say? Jojo is a man who believes in hard work and persistence and is always up for doing his best, so he sure deserves the best.

Going shirtless

20180904155611-Bulutangkis-Emas-Jonatan-Christie-280818-pus-6_resized_772x503.jpgPhoto: Photo Courtesy of INASGOC

Not only did his much-needed win make the news, but his shirtless gig did, too. Jojo has such a presentable physique and he carries it so well, which made everyone in the stadium go crazy. And who can blame them? It’s no shock that this shirtless victory went viral, with girls going crazy over it. Jojo surprises us every time, doesn’t he?

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