New Year is finally here, and we can’t get even more exciting than we already are. While it is saddening for us to bid farewell to the year 2018, which has brought us so many beautiful memories, we can’t just help feeling giddy and excited to embrace 2019 and what’s to come. To put an end of our 2018 journey, we recall five things our beloved socialites and celebrities did last New Year to inspire your celebrations.

Disneyland Craze: Boy William & Karen Vendela

What better way to celebrate New Year than to spend it at the happiest place on earth? Just look at how happy Boy William and Karen Vendela were as they embraced New Year in the arms of each other and among the magical atmosphere of Disneyland.

Family Time: Bunga Citra Lestari

At the end of the day—or in this case, year—what should be thankful the most are your beloved family, so why not spare some quality time with them as you turn a new chapter in your life? Bunga Citra Lestari and her family were seen having the time of their life going on an exciting vacation proving that family time is not always old fashioned.

Travel the world: Richard Kyle

The dashing actor, Richard Kyle, travelled his way to New York City while he celebrated New Year 2018 and shared to his Instagram his New Year’s Resolution. The post shows him posing coolly and smiling on the Brooklyn Bridge in leather jacket.

Be one with nature: Nadya Hutagalung

Just like the loving earth mother that she is, Nadya Hutagalung spent New Year 2018 in a massive green space in the beautiful French countryside and under vast and clear blue skies. It surely is the perfect way to recall all the precious memories you have and start a clean slate for a fabulous New Year.

Be by yourself: Sophia Latjuba

Many would argue that New Year is the chance for extravagant parties and amazing fireworks with friends and loved ones—but spending it alone can just be as exciting. Like Sophia Latjuba did for New Year 2018, you can take solace in a good book, or simply reevaluate yourself and discover a newfound confidence to begin 2019!

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