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Photo: Courtesy of Persatuan Bulutangkis Seluruh Indonesia

The Indonesian tobacco empire Djarum Group has reigned successfully since its establishment in 1951 by Oei Wie Gwan and even after years of the founder’s passing, it is still stable under the management of Oei’s sons, Michael and Robert Hartono. But like any other establishment, Robert and Michael too have to pass down the company to a worthy successor to ensure its longevity on the long run. This is where the successful heir, Victor Hartono, comes into play. Curious? So are we! Here are the five things you need to know about Victor Hartono.


Maintaining a huge company like Djarum Group sure takes a lot more than just being its inheritor. Victor makes sure of it with hard work and dedication as befits his polished education. After finishing high school in Indonesia, Victor journeyed to the next level and travelled to the US to pursue excellence in education. Not only did he take hiis education very seriously, he also participated in other activities such as being the President of the UC San Diego Indonesian Student Association when he was at the University of California in San Diego and he participated in the Asian Management Association when he was at Northwestern University.


We all know how philanthropic the Hartonos are. With a family like that, it’s no surprise to us as to how Victor can be just as charitable. For one year, starting in July 2014, Victor was in charge as an initiator in the Djarum Foundation, where he and his team renovated seven orphanages in Kudus county.

Years of career building

Victor Hartono didn’t just land in his leading position, he had to earn it. For years, he built his reputation and skills with many responsibilities. He started out as a trainee in Djarum and slowly took charge of many things such as earning his position as Brand Manager in 1995, and now being the Chief Operating Officer of Djarum and President Director of the Djarum Foundation where he leads many of the foundation’s philanthropic activities.

Keeps moving

When he’s not handling countless responsibilities and business issues, Victor likes to spend his time doing many activities such as swimming and badminton or learning something new in his favourite topics, like geography, history, marketing, philanthropy, ecology, current events, and even politics.

An inspiring speaker

Having had so much experience, Victor is bound to be a tremendously inspiring speaker. For instance, he is going to speak at the much-anticipated event at the Indonesia Millennial Summit 2019 where he and other 49 speakers will be discussing many significant matters in the country and region.


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