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As one of Indonesia Tatler’s Generation T (Gen.T) 2017’s honourees, Achmad Zaky was back this year, but for something rather different. At Gen.T 2018, the CEO of Bukalapak took over the stage for a sharing session with the audience. Bukalapak is one of Indonesia’s principal online marketplaces and has successfully managed to become Indonesia’s fourth unicorn start-up. Achmad shared with the audience an insightful talk, and with his vibrant personality, he even left us with some tips. Let’s learn what they were.

Anything is possible

One of the many phrases Achmad said during Gen.T 2018 was: “Anything is possible as long as you are hardworking and creative.” This phrase gave all of us hope. His journey to business growth was a long and intelligent one, but with lots of hard work, determination, and a pinch of creativity, Achmad has managed to hold his position of CEO at Bukalapak. He believes that as long as you put in time, effort, and willpower, you can achieve absolutely anything. It’s time to get a little creative with our ideas and concepts.

Listen to your audience

If you don’t know what’s going on, don’t be afraid to speak up. Achmad believes it’s never too late to learn something new and every day is a new day in which to learn something. He means that we should lend an ear to our consumers and our customers, giving them what they want. As entrepreneurs, we should give our target market what they want, and that’s how we will grow. “Listen to what they want; look for much more,” said Zaky.

Success is not a straight line

Achmad’s journey to success was long and eventually worth it. He said that success is not a one-stop journey and definitely not a straight line. It can’t be a shortcut, or even a tiny sprint. However, the journey to success is more of a marathon, and as businesspeople we need to keep our heads up, breathe in, and stay spirited and motivated. There may be bumps and twists in the journey to success, but with forbearance and courage, we will definitely make it, just like Achmad did.

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