Eliana Putri, founder of EPA Jewel


After a delectable afternoon tea at The Westin Jakarta at which we got the chance to see the latest collections by EPA Jewel and StellaRissa, we sat down with Eliana Putri, the jewellery entrepreneur behind the brand EPA Jewel. EPA Jewel’s designs have become a favourite among jewellery lovers and Eliana shared tips on ways to wear your jewellery right.

Why do you think accessories are important for a woman’s style?
The right accessories can lift up your current outfit. It does not matter where the outfit comes from, if the accessories are not right, then the entire look will not come out well.

Do you have any tips on matching jewellery with an event?
Statement jewellery has bold, unique, and large designs, making it easily noticeable. If it’s a day event, wear less statement jewellery, but if it’s a night event, statement jewellery is more appropriate.

What is the right way to take care of your jewellery?
Don’t let your jewellery touch perfumes, lotions, or any other chemicals. A neat trick I always share with my clients is to wear their jewellery after they have dressed up as well as put on their make-up and hair product. The chemicals in hairspray can cause the sparkle in jewellery to fade.



Earring Silver Shade on Gold. Photo: Courtesy of EPA Jewel

How do you differentiate between high- and low-quality jewellery?
I believe that every designer has his or her own quality standard. Design is one way to differentiate good jewellery, with wearability being the next. I advise against jewellery that is overwhelmingly heavy or which can potentially ruin your dress fabric.

Can you share some tips on finding jewellery that matches your skin tone?
People with olive skin and darker skin tones should wear soft gold jewellery. For those that are fairer, gold and silver are a wiser choice.

 6. What role does social media play in promoting jewellery?
Social media plays a very important role. People can see whether jewellery is wearable or suitable for them by checking out how it looks on other people.

7. How do you want women to feel when wearing your jewellery?
I want them to feel excited. Most of my clients are impatient to see the designs I have made for them because they look forward to wearing the jewellery. There is a surprise element, too, once they see the ready-made jewellery, which is what I intend them to feel.

8. What can we find in your handbag?
I always take a brooch everywhere because it will make any outfit look more stylish in an instant.

9. What is the best career advice you would give to an aspiring jewellery designer?
I design what I like and I design jewellery that I am excited to wear. This is my advice to aspiring designers. What we design represents us and we should look forward to wearing it. I can proudly say that all the jewellery under EPA represents me.

10. Okay, here is a fun question. If you could describe yourself as a fruit, what kind of a fruit would you be?
Pineapple. It is never the same: every angle is different. It has a gradation of spikes that give it an edgy and fashionable look.

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