In this year's celebration of Mother's Day, Indonesia Tatler talked to four incredible mothers and their children to share their amazing stories about each other. 

Shintawati Purborini & Karissa Agrippina 

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Like Mother Like Daughter Do you share any common interests with your mum?

Karissa: We have loved to travel together ever since I was teenager, and she regularly takes me travelling around the world. We usually visit museums or other point of interests to see different aspects of culture from the country we’ve come to see. While on the road, mum is a very organised and wellplanned person—that is one of many positive things that I have learned from her.

What are the values that you would like to instill in your children?

Shintawati: It’s important that my children grow up to be educated and refined people who will have a positive impact on society. I want my children to grow up on the right track, so I always emphasise to them the importance of being a down-to-earth person and valuing others as key to achieving success.

How do you see your mum as a parental example?

Karissa: Mum is a very caring person and supportive of her family. She not only cares about me, but the whole of the family, too. That’s what I see my mum as a maternal figure in our extended family.

Since Carissa just became a mother, how do you share your life lessons?

Shintawati: Children grow to become reflections of their parents. While I’m not perfect, I always try to set the best example through my own actions. I teach my kids to always remember that the mother is the central figure in the family, so she has to be a good listener and always remember to manage her expectations in order to keep everyone in the family happy.

Yanti Airlangga & Adanti Kurnia Pradipta 

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What are the values that you would like to instill in your children?

Yanti: Kindness. This is what my mum always taught me when I was a kid: to be kind to everyone. I also teach my daughter about the importance of giving, donating, or participating in charity. The value of time is something else that I would like her to appreciate more. As our time is limited, we should be a better person from one day to the next; and I’m very happy to see how all my eight children have grown up to be the bests.

How do you see your mum as a parental figure?

Adanti: My mum is talkative and very sociable—she can easily make friends in less than an hour. For me and my sisters, mum is like a diva. She was a model and very popular among her friends, which makes me proud. She is also such an angel: softly-spoken and very kind-hearted.

Do you share any common interests?

Yanti: We don’t really have common interests, but we are very similar. When Adanti gave birth, it was like a flashback to the moment when I first became a mother. I dedicated all my time to taking care of my children, from the moment I woke up until I slept. I didn’t go out at that time, but I never get bored and I really enjoyed my “profession” as a mother. I’m so happy and grateful now to see Adanti doing the same thing to my grandchild.

Wanda Ponika & Brandon Tanu 

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How do you spend your time together?

Wanda: We love to spend time together in my bedroom every night before sleep, usually for a little chat. We can talk almost about everything, and our communication is very open, which is good for both of us.

How do you and your family see each other?

Brandon: Mum is a life companion and also a good teacher for me. With her constant support, I’m proud with what I’ve become.

Wanda: Honestly, Brandon is my love/hate relationship: most of the time, we end up arguing with each other. He is a very mature person despite his age, and every time I’m in a panic, Brandon always calms me down. He is my natural tranquiliser.

How do you usually celebrate Mother’s Day?

Brandon: For me, Mother’s Day is every day— we don’t need a special occasion to celebrate it. We can show our love to our mothers every day of our lives.

Wanda: We are not that sweet. For me, being sweet on a special occasion like Mother’s Day is too good to be true. We do like being ourselves, though—sometimes we debate so hard that I cry, but that’s fine, because that’s something that strengthens our relationship.

Miranda Swaray Goeltom, Ermanda Saskia Siregar & Winda Malika Siregar 

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How do you see your mum as a parent?

Manda: For me, my mum is a strong woman. She is both moderate and a feminist without leaving behind local wisdom. As a former deputy governor of the Central Bank of Indonesia, she is used to being a leader, but when at home with us, she changed to be a good housewife. As an example, she never forgot to serve dinner for us and for our father. She is truly an extraordinary person.

Winda: Mum is very unconventional—not like any other mother. I remember one day when I was studying in Australia and Manda was studying in the US, mum visited me to watch a concert I was performing in, and the next morning she went to the US to attend Manda’s graduation. She always gave us relentless support even in her busiest times and never said a word of complaint. She is a mother also to my friends and so much more, as she always gives the same effort in assisting and caring her family and friends, as well as to everyone else who came to her for help by never treating anyone differently.

What are the important values that you instill in your children?

Miranda: I always put education first. And since they were kids, I also gave them freedom to choose any extracurricular activity outside of their academic subjects. For example, instead of after-school academic tutoring, I encourage them to do ballet, art, music, and other extracurricular courses. Why? Because they can learn theory in school, but for life skills, they should learn by practicing. I also encourage them to not only become experts at what they do but to always explore different disciplines, and I teach them to never be satisfied with mediocrity. Ultimately, I hope that they can be independent women with multiple talents.

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