Not only are Alyssa Vania and Enrina Diah beautiful on the outside, this mother-daughter pair also share a love so strong; a relationship beyond all boundaries.
Alyssa has always been in awe of her mother’s  persistence, dedication and willingness to work towards her passion and dreams of being one of Jakarta’s acclaimed plastic surgeon. “Other than treading in her footsteps of studying medicine in Sydney, mum has always instilled the importance of having good manners in me,” she says.
Alyssa believes that her mother is the true definition of an independent woman, which she deems extremely important in today’s day and age.
“My life is like an open book to Alyssa because it has always been just the two of us, so we’re more like friends,” says Enrina, who says that she admires Alyssa for her sensitivity towards the feelings of others around her and down to earth personality.

Photography by Heri B. Heryanto


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