When we look at Cinta Laura Kiehl, all we see is beauty, brains, and a magnificently toned body. The Indonesian-German actress has come a long way in the industry and has always managed to look good from the start. The reason behind this is her vigorous fitness routines, which you could definitely take some tips from. From working out every day to eating healthfully, Cinta Laura definitely hustles for that to-die-for figure.

Maintain an active lifestyle

Cinta Laura lives a very active lifestyle and works out almost every day. Working out every day has a lot of benefits, such as improving strength and boosting your stamina. Working out every day also helps Cinta Laura stay healthier and in good physical condition. There are certain benefits to this, such as improving your mental health and reducing the risk of certain health conditions. It also helps your skin stay bright and radiant. A win-win situation, right?

Dumbbell multi-muscle workout

One enjoyable workout Cinta Laura loves to do is the dumbbell multi-muscle workout, which helps her stay in perfect shape. The dumbbell workout takes 60 seconds and can burn plenty of calories. Cinta Laura follows a six-way process starting with man-maker planks, ground squats, squats with lateral steps, reverse lunge, alternating lunge, and plank jump. She makes it an even more fun workout with music.

Balance is key

Just like the rest of us, Cinta Laura has certain cheat days. Cheat days are not all bad as they help increase metabolism when you’re cutting off the calories. Cinta Laura believes that indulging in your favourite foods and treating yourself is definitely necessary, but there should always be balance. Your body is your temple; hence, treat it with respect and feed it with the nutrients it needs to help you survive. Your journey to a healthier lifestyle definitely starts with balancing yourself.

Boxing clever

Working out never gets easier, you just get stronger every day. Cinta Laura is one fierce woman who also enters the boxing ring from time to time. With her very own trainer, Cinta Laura definitely enjoys a good jab. She is also known to jog and stretches prior to boxing. Good looking, career-minded, and strong? We have a winner!


Through Cinta Laura’s Instagram fitness page, Go Get HIIT, you can see that she is familiar with a couple of different workouts. This is a good thing because doing the same thing every day may get boring. From a total body workout to a fun resistance-band workout, she knows it all. Bonus points if you have a workout buddy just like Cinta Laura does. Having a workout buddy can be exciting as you two can motivate each other throughout the process.

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