19th Indonesia Tatler Ball just around the corner and everybody is feeling so excited for this prestigious event. But, before putting your best makeup or gown to arrive at the Tatler Ball’s red carpet ,here we have compiled a small list of do and don’t etiquette for you to follow. Therefore, everyone can have the best party ever during the night without any disruption. Let’s check it out here. 

The do’s:

1/4 Know your drink limit 

drink limit pixabay.jpgCourtesy of Pixabay

One thing and no doubt a party ruiner is a messy drinker. Yes, a fun night may involve a drink or two, but it is best to control the amount you drink, and only drink how much you know you can. 

2/4 Stick with the theme

theme pixabay.jpgCourtesy of Pixabay

Indonesia Tatler Ball always have a different theme every year which you MUST follow. This year, the theme is  “Masquerade Ball”. So make sure that your gown, your accessories or anything else you want to wear must be related with the theme. And do not forget to bring your best mask since it is Masquerade ball.

3/4 Just be yourself

yourself pixabay.jpgCourtesy of Pixabay

Attending this prestigious event may give you an opportunity to meet people you haven’t met before. Also this may be a chance for you to upgrade your social skills. But one thing you must keep in your mind, just be yourself as original as possible. Do not faking yourself in front of the famous person you are talking to. 

4/4 Remember, ladies first 

ladies first pixabay.jpgCourtesy of Pixabay

Gentlemen! When it comes to queuing up for dinner or at the bar, always remember to give the ladies a chance to go first. This action do not only make you a gentleman but also make you more attractive. 

The don’ts

1/3 Keep your noisy self at home

noisy.jpg Courtesy of Pixabay

Be able to rub shoulders with many stars at the party, you should know your limit for not to ask too much, especially private question. Just keep reminding the noisy self from you to stay silent at the big night.

2/3 Come in time

time.jpgCourtesy of Pixabay 

We know you may want to arrive with the best makeup or look for the night. But, please always pay attention to the time so no one will arrive when the party has already started. It will be disturbing, isn’t it? 

3/3 Respect all the guest 

manner pixabay.jpgCourtesy of Pixabay

We know, one thing you want to do during the event is taking a lot of fabulous pictures at the red carpet. but,  make sure to not take your time to take a picture a little bit too long. Always remember to make space for others who wait behind you. 

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