To Elbert Tiwa, being healthy starts with a simple yet functional meaning. ”When you are both mentally and physically balanced with no underlying issues, and able to do most things yourself, that is what being healthy means to me,” he said. As a former US Marine, Tiwa maintains a very healthy and fit physique by working out four to five times a week. Similarly, at the Empire Fit Club, he also pushes the physical limits of fellow fitness enthusiasts through rigorous boot- camp training.

“As equally important as exercising at regular intervals is to rest your body. People often overlook the importance of recovery, be it active or full-body recovery,” he said. “Often they do not fully grasp the concept and benefits of the most basic things like scheduled quality sleep.” Furthermore, he is not only stressing the importance of physical recovery, but also the mental one. “You need to unplug now and then be it from social media or social life, and sometimes even from your family, and just be yourself to reset,” Tiwa said. “My goal for 2021 is to be more mindful with my train of thoughts with meditation and also follow more thought leaders in this field on Instagram for more insights.”

For those who wish to start exercising in-between times working at home, Tiwa has some suggestions to create a custom high-intensity interval training (HIIT).

1/4 Focus on compound movements

Burpees, mountain climbs, squats, bench hops and jumping jacks are just a few simple moves that target several muscle areas, thus improving the efficiency of the total workout.

2/4 Time the intervals

Remember to exercise each move in a set for 30seconds followed by another 30seconds of rest before moving to the next.

3/4 Try to be consistent

As you go through one HIIT training session, always be consistent with your speed. No matter how tired you are, do not be too fast or too slow.

4/4 Ready, set, repeat

In total, I suggest doing between four to five rounds of set repetitions, which would take around 20-25 minutes in total, for a quick yet thorough exercise.