As the year-end festivity is fast approaching, some of us are probably currently preparing for the big day. How will you end the year and welcome a new one? One thing we know, the best way to celebrate the occasion is by celebrating it around friends and loved ones, because this moment is a great excuse to get together!

On the other hand, we understand the pain and joy of organising a party, but no worries, if you are inspired to organised your own party, here we compiled 15 best tips. Because an unforgettable party will make people talk about it even after the party ended!


1.      Make Your Guest List Interesting

Don’t be afraid to experiment with your guest list and mix as many people as possible with different age groups, job occupations or neighbourhood areas. By getting an eclectic mix of guests, it will certainly spice up the party and get interesting conversations going.

As a good host, you are all of a sudden in charge of serving people to one another. If your guest lists are full of people who are already familiar with each other, then put in someone new who will certainly put people on their toes and gets them stimulated.


2.      Assign Tasks For Your Guests

Most people want to be actively involved in a party. So you can utilise this instinct to your advantage. To make everyone who attended your party have the best time possible, assign each of them someone to meet or to take care of. Especially if there are new guests or guests who are particularly shy in social settings.

Other possibilities include asking some guests to help out in the kitchen, or ask one of your friends who is good in art to create unique name cards for the guests to personalised the party and make the guests feel good. Making your guests a little bit involved in your party can make it much more fun in them because they feel like an active participant instead of just being there expecting to be entertained.


3.      Rock The Playlist

Music matters, that’s it. As the party’s background that will keep on playing throughout the night, you have to make sure that it is a good playlist. You can hire a professional DJ or just ask one of your friends who is a slightly good DJ to help you out.

As long as you give me some hints on some cool albums that he or she should played, it will be all good. You can also ask the guests to bring their own Ipods or Spotify playlists, especially those guests that you know have stellar taste in music, because music can make or break a party, so consider it carefully.


4.      Seriously Plan On The Booze

Well, good parties need some drinks to make it better. So we suggest for you to setup several self-serve bars that contains a variety of drinks. As an example, maybe a wine bar, beer bar and cocktails bar. On the cocktail bar, maybe you can put a few sheets of recipes with clear instructions and tools so that guests can concoct their own mixture of cocktails. It is much more fun right instead of just getting a concoction by someone else that guests might or might not enjoy. Try to provide various drinks, because because some will prefer wine, spirits like vodka and whiskey, or beer.


5. Lights, Camera, Action!

Lighting is an important element as well. A good lighting can make everyone look good and sexy. If possible, no overhead lighting and just rely on votive candles. Votive candles have an advantage because you can put a lot of them scattered on your party and ended up not looking weird or horror like.

For table centrepieces, don’t limit yourself to flowers only. It can a big bowl of anything. Be as creative as you can, use big bowls of apples, snickers, or even coconuts. A big bowl of lemons are great as well because it smells nice and does not give out disturbing smell.


6.      Start Making Your Guests Happy From Entry Point

First impression is important, as we all know. Sometimes, all we need is a good first and last impression. So start in a good way, greet your guests as warmly as possible from your doorway, immediately offer them a drink and introduce them to the other guests. Make them feel as comfortable as possible and you’re off to a great start.


7.      Make Your Invitation As Creative As Possible

Nowadays, there are so many kinds of invitations. You can even sent out online invitations that actually make it easier for you to see how many people responded to it and it can even help you send a reminder before the party to help people remember your event or RSVP for the event. Another unique thing is how the invitation can be done as creative as possible, as you can do it however you want it to be.


8.      Add The Unexpected Element

If guests found something unusual, it will definitely become much more memorable. For example, if you are making a dinner party with French cuisine as the main theme, by the end of the dinner, serve guests traditional dessert for example Es Cendol, or perhaps bars of dark chocolate. Just put in something totally unexpected, and bang! Your guests are surprised.


9.      If You Want To Avoid Headache And Keep Things Simple

You love your party to be as simple as possible? Well then stick to one pot dishes. If you underestimate the power of a one pot meal, well then, you’re wrong. Because oftentimes, creating one pot dishes is all you need to create that perfectly relaxing and warm atmosphere guaranteed the whole night.

If you type one pot meal on Google, you will find so many wonderful recipes that you even start to wonder, where have you been all this time? It is perfect for a casual party and guests will definitely loosen their guards and become much more relaxed.


10. Activities please!


You don’t want to rely only on food and music to entertain your guests, right? Include fun games and activities in your party then! Don’t forget to include quirky prizes as well. For example, a diving trip for two, a playboy shaped lamp, and many more.

If you noticed a lull in the party, you can also bring out the game cards! A game of taboo will also keep guests entertained. Well you can’t just expect guests to stand around, talk and smile, right? They will certainly bail after that.


11.      Brunch party? Well, make it cosy then

Brunch is essentially supposed to be relaxing and your guests aren’t supposed to want to leave early. If possible, they should stay until after lunch. So the way to make your brunch cosy is to create a warm atmosphere.

Make stacks of pancakes with all kinds of condiments like Nutella, peanut butter, jams, whatever condiment that you can get basically. Provide variety of freshly juiced oranges, strawberries, grapefruits, and whatever fruits it is you have. Put plenty of granola toppings as well along with some Greek yogurts for a healthier option.


12.      Create a bar where guests make their own desserts

Desserts here can be anything! Put out several plain doughnuts along with plenty choices of frostings and sprinkles so that your guests can decorate it on their own! It works for everything such as cupcakes, waffles, or you can even provide variety of fruits for the health conscious guests. Make things as plain as possible so guests can use their creativity. You can even create competitions to see which guests design the best dessert.


13.      Include the neighbours

Ok, if you know that this is going to be a loud party, then go on and invite your neighbours. At least they get a fair warning that there will be a party so they can choose either to join it or go somewhere else if they don’t want to be disturbed.

This is really important so that they don’t file a noise complaint. If you try to invite them already, they won’t feel as pissed off and call the police right off the bat like if you didn’t invite them at all.


14.       Make sure that the food that will please everyone

Well, if you are invited to a party, you are expecting not only boozes, right? So remember that some people will have a special requirements such as guests who are vegans or allergic to dairy. So make sure that you have food catering not only to meat lovers, but remember the other guests as well so they don’t feel offended. For booze, you need to have an equal mix of everything.


15.      Early planning, and then just relax

Sometimes, people who get stressed out during the party can only mean one thing: they don’t make enough plan and preparation. So take care of the details ahead of time so you are not stressed out during the party day. But in the end, missteps and accidents can happen and don’t expect things to go on perfectly smooth! Little accidents are sometimes what make a party memorable so just kick back and don’t worry too much about the details. Let it flow and see the magic happen itself!

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