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Seeking outdoor, family-friendly ambience, Filda Yusgiantoro and Alexander Ery Wibowo had had a penchant for food and dining since their days at university, but somehow no restaurant was able to fulfill their desires. Alexander was fond of cooking and excelled at making steaks, so they decided to take up cooking as a side business. With this in mind, Brizola was born in Senopati three months ago.

A blend of Indonesian and Western favourites, Brizola brings with it ecofriendly touches of wooden furniture, glass windows, and a luscious green garden as a backdrop. Apart from its green atmosphere, the restaurant’s walls are adorned with colourful artworks, giving each corner a vibrancy of its own.

“One of our main aims in making each corner different is for the whole restaurant to be Instagrammable from every angle,” explains Filda.

Currently, the restaurant is a second home to ladies who love to lunch, millennials who are eager to be trendsetters, corporate employees in the vicinity, and families who enjoy weekend getaways.

Paying attention to detail is a factor that needs to be considered these days when opening any new venture, especially a restaurant. With intense competition in the country, Brizola ensures its atmosphere is second to none.

“We bring a sense of Europe to Indonesia through the music that plays in the background while guests are dining,” says Alexander, who was the mastermind behind the eco-friendly concept with a dash of eclectic art vibes.

Despite the restaurant turnover rate being so high in an area such as Senopati, Alexander and Filda are confident that Brizola is here to stay. The restaurant isn’t classified as a café and as long as quality is maintained, they are confident to be in it for the long haul.

Jl. Tirtayasa No.26, Melawai, Jakarta 12160
Tel: +62 21 2942 6256

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