Her appearance is always fresh and energetic; her style of talking is calm, systematic, and full of warmth. She is that perfect combination of a youthful spirit that is always optimistic and mature in action. This is the picture reflected in the figure of Millie Stephanie Lukito, Founder and CEO of Mobiliari Group, the publisher of Indonesia Tatler.

With her vision of leadership, hard work, innovation, and a spirited approach, Millie has successfully transformed Mobiliari Group into one of the most important and well-known players in the upper-class lifestyle media business. “Success requires persistence. Never give up and keep trying. When you are uncertain, believe in yourself, move forward, and do your best,” Millie says, revealing her tips for success.

Millie, who earned her Master of Business Administration (MBA) degree from Golden Gate University in the US, has long been keen to seize opportunities that other players hadn’t even considered at the time. In 2000, this finalist of the 2005 Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year, decided to obtain the Indonesia Tatler franchise. The result? Indonesia Tatler is regarded as a brand-leading icon and trendsetter among the crème-de-la-crème of the country’s society.

However, Millie’s foresight in seeing a good business opportunities pre-dates Indonesia Tatler. Long before she acquired the magazine, together with her beloved mother, the late Maria Lukito, Millie also successfully developed custom magazine business for corporate clients. A number of large companies entrusted their in-house magazines to Millie’s company, including multinational companies in the automotive, property, and banking industries.

Now, Mobiliari Group continues to shine. A number of high-class lifestyle magazines has been successfully launched, such as Indonesia Tatler Society, Indonesia Tatler Homes, and Best Restaurant Guide (BRG). Furthermore, through PT Wahana Mediatama, Millie successfully brought Forbes magazine to Indonesia. 

Not only that, but in line with the rapid progress of the digital industry in the country, Mobiliari Group continues to innovate to launching indonesiatatler.com, Generation T (“Gen.T”), and Hitsss.com, the latter of which targets talented and ambitious millennials. In the future, according to Millie, Mobiliari Group will continue its transformation into a technology company in the lifestyle field—a profitable and sustainable business entity that is able to provide added value and tangible benefits to its readers and users.

With all the successes she has achieved, the mother of Melicia has not forgotten about humanity. As Mother Teresa once said, “It is not what we achieve, but what we can give to others that will give true meaning to our lives.” Thus, Millie feels a calling to spread the spirit of kindness to society and the nation.


Through the Pansophia Nusantara Foundation which was founded in 2009, Millie, together with a number of volunteers, actively participates in raising education funds for poor children, especially in the “golden age” of 0 to 8 years. Starting from 30 children from poor families in the Dadap area, Tangerang, Pansophia has now helped around 2,000 children across the country. “I feel delighted to be able to give something to those who need it. Children from poor and neglected families are actually our own 'children' in the big house we call Indonesia,” Millie says. 

And the service attitude of this inspiring Jakarta-born woman doesn’t stop there. Her conscience has again been called on to provide help and hope  for women, particularly mothers and children. Through the Maria Lukito Foundation, which was founded in 2018, Millie launched the MAMA (Matang-Mandiri) programme. And the name? It comes from a Matang (mature) personality in caring for children and growing Mandiri (independent) attitude through improving families’ economic well-being in the form of entrepreneurship training and assistance.

In addition, Millie also wants to improve the quality of children’s health and intelligence through the help of healthy food, providing education, school facilities and protecting children. “Through the programme, I want mothers and children who live in difficult and limited conditions to keep smiling and have hope and confidence that there will still be a better tomorrow in the future,” explains Millie, who also founded Millie Lukito Center, a research institute that focuses on strategic issues in the national and global arenas for women’s issues, poverty, and children’s education.

The figure of Millie Lukito is one of integrity; someone who is able to interpret and live her life in  a holistic manner. Her hard-working character, sincere intention to help others, humility, and generosity to share knowledge have become the reasons why she deserves to be regarded as a driving inspiration of change.

Now, the great energy of her good spirit is being directed towards the glory of the country. Millie knows that realising noble ideals is certainly not easy. It needs togetherness and support from all elements of society. “To that end, from the bottom of my heart and with all sincerity and humility, allow me to ask for the blessings of my family and friends, to be willing to give support, so that together we can move forward to make a big step to create change in my beloved Indonesia,” says Millie Lukito in her closing remarks.

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