T for Thankfulness

Modalku today would not be possible without the support of our stakeholders in the industry. This could be the SMEs, who have accepted us as a solution for financing, as well as the investors and lenders who have been very encouraging—those who decide to invest in our loan products that our SMEs provide for them. But it’s also most important for the media, public, and regulators for being confident that P2P lending and Modalku can deliver financial inclusion for SMEs. As such, there’s a lot more work to be done for sure in the next few years but so far, we are very thankful for the support from the industry and community, so we hope to keep it up!

T for Tenacity

I think society can benefit much more from tenacity today. I see that tenacity is actually a value that is often overlooked in favour of things like creativity and intelligence. It’s very difficult to solve big problems in society, and it requires much more than intelligence. It actually needs perseverance and resilience to cut through a lot of the challenges and thus solve problems in society. Big issues like SME financing education and healthcare take a lot more than just good ideas: it takes a lot of effort and perseverance. As such, I encourage the younger generation to be more tenacious today to solve big problems for society.

T for Teamwork

Our mission at Modalku is financial inclusion for SMEs through innovation. The thing about innovation is that it actually requires hard work involving pulling together ideas from different teams and people in the company to build products or services that are cutting edge or even better than those in the industry. As such, the way we harness this teamwork is through a shared purpose and vision that people, regardless of their division or units and whether or not they are in the technology service and so on, can come together to serve the overall goal and vision and put together the resources and time to collaborate.

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