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You might have heard the name Vanesha Prescilla—the young actress has been all over box-office hits this past year. Growing up with a fellow actress, Vanesha learned the tricks of the trade from her sister, Sissy Prescilla. Here to give us a glimpse into her busy life and to share some tips for those planning to delve into the entertainment industry is the youngest starlet to receive Indonesia Tatler’s Generation T 2018 award.

What advice do you have for budding actors or actresses?

Finding the right manager is a necessity. Budding actors or actresses usually don’t know how to act during public appearances yet. That’s where your manager comes in.

What film genre or role do you wish to try?

I would love to be in a musical. Music has always been a big part of my life and after watching The Greatest Showman, I wanted to star in a musical even more.

How do you prepare for or unwind from a lengthy and tiring filming session? And what do you usually do on set?

I always recharge by going somewhere on holiday or taking some courses. As for my routine on set, I usually just read my script and practice before my scenes.

What’s the secret to having or building chemistry with your co-stars?

Thankfully, I adapt quite easily to new environments surrounded by new people. I first build chemistry with my co-stars by going through the reading process. This really helps us build our imagination and invites us to see to what direction we should take the film.

How do you find the time for other activities or even catching up with your family and friends when you’re in between filming, press conferences, and interviews?

My family and friends visit me at my work location if possible. Whenever I have a day off, we’ll often hang out or go somewhere together.

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