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The CEO of Batik Keris, Handianto Tjokrosaputro, died at Ferrer Park Hospital on Sunday morning in Singapore. To celebrate this inspiring figure, we have rounded up several facts relating to his career as CEO of Batik Keris.

He pushed Batik Keris to keep evolving with the times

Launching almost 90 years ago, the beauty of Batik Keris products has not been eroded as time passed by. Handianto Tjokrosaputro, as the CEO, realised the need to keep evolving. He knew early on that by only relying on traditional motifs, people would eventually get bored. So he emphasised the need to create designs as well as colours that fitted modern demands without eliminating their unique Indonesian characteristics.

He pushed Batik Keris to sell handcrafts in 1987

The next innovation from Batik Keris was to sell a variety of handcrafts in 1987 that earned a positive response from customers. However, Handianto made sure that the handcrafts didn’t ignore unique Indonesian heritage and characteristics.

He treated his craftsmen like his own children

To produce its high-quality products, the company has around 300 craftsmen to fulfill increasing demand and to produce superior handcrafts. However, Handianto didn’t treat them just as his employees—he once said that he thinks of all his craftsmen as his own adopted children.

He believed in consistency

Handianto also said that everyone is capable of making high-quality handcrafts, but what’s much harder is to make products at a consistent quality. He emphasised the need to remind his craftsmen to maintain consistency in product quality.

He improved on the legacy given to him

To increase the brand’s value, Handianto continued the regular fashion shows that were first initiated by his late father, I Kasom Tjokrosaputro. But he added his own innovations with national songs and regional dances, as well as genuine Indonesian background views in the shows. He also increased sales by expanding distribution to malls and airports.

It’s important to note that throughout all the innovations wrought under his leadership, Handianto always kept close the philosophy of the company, which is to preserve national heritage through Batik Keris designs and products. We salute Handianto Tjokrosaputro for continuously keeping himself up to date with modern innovations without sidelining the unique characteristics of Indonesian batik.

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