Dian Pelangi took the fashion industry by storm both locally and internationally with her outrageously beautiful Muslim clothing. Continuously challenging the interpretation of beauty while keeping it modest and aqidah, this gorgeous Generation T (Gen.T) honouree truly shows the world how much of a significant designer she is. But who is Dian Pelangi really, and what makes her so good at what she’s doing? Read on to find out.

One of Asia’s most influential youths

Being an innovative and groundbreaking designer, Dian Pelangi has earned her place as one of the region’s most influential youths. The title is well-deserved as she was listed in Forbes Asia magazine’s 30 Under 30 in 2018, although with all her hard work, we don’t really need to wonder why. Dian’s brilliance stood out at the age of 18 when she showed her first collection at Jakarta Fashion Week and her success suddenly took off.

A blogger and designer

Even with her big name and stellar career, there are times when Dian Pelangi jots down thoughts on her blog, and it’s beautiful. The blog shares her amazing journey and chic designs through various projects promised to inspire other rising young designers. Her Instagram page, on the other hand, gives us a glimpse of her amazing daily life in coordinating beautiful aesthetics.

From zero to hero

Renowned designer Dian didn’t just appear out of nowhere. Starting out by helping her parents with their Muslim boutique in Jakarta, Dian progressively shaped her own brand and developed her own designs while professionally putting them on the market. Of course, it wasn’t easy as she had no educational background in business—but look at her now: she’s an inspiring star!

Struggled growing her business

Having no business background didn’t stop Dian building her own brand. With the help of various software programs to manage her finances plus the willingness to continuously introduce her designs to the global market and her spirit to keep pushing for the very best, Dian earned her title as one of Asia’s most influential youths fair and square.

Paris Fashion Week For Peace 2018

Not done with dropping people’s jaws at Jakarta fashion Week, Dian also successfully showed off her best at Paris Fashion Week For Peace 2018, collaborating with HIJUP and Wardah for her 12 collections. With all that said, she truly stole the show at the Plaza Hotel Athenee with her delightful fashion and originality.


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