Being a model is among many dreams millions desire to have. Looking stunning and posing in front of the camera with all eyes and attention on you—and getting paid heaps for it—is a dream job from start to finish. It’s not so common for one to shift from being a model to being the one behind the camera, but that’s exactly what happened to the beautiful Nicoline Patricia Malina, who is one of our Generation T (Gen.T) honourees. Learn more about the globally recognised photographer below.

Her love for Europe

Nicoline has always had an interest in Europe and she is a big fan of French movies. It was a dream for her to visit the continent and experience its culture. Among much else that made her love for Europe that much stronger are the country’s lifestyles, points of view, and their sense of liberation. Through hard work and dedication, she was enrolled in Hogeschool voor de Kunsten Utrecht in the Netherlands taking a major in fine art.

From freshman to fashion

Although having achieved a major dream of her life, Nicoline is not done with trying new things and discovering herself. Between her life and college, she landed a side job as a make-up artist and eventually becoming a model. It was then that her passion for photography grew as she witnessed first-hand the exciting work of a photographer during her fashion shoots.

Rise to fame

With her blooming interest in photography, Nicoline decided to buy her own camera and test the waters in her photography career. Starting with breathtaking street views of the Netherlands to being involved in several model agencies, she later rose to fame with her work being recognised by leading fashion magazines there and also after she won the Iconique Societas Excellence in Photography Award 2007.

Back to Indonesia

With all the experience and knowledge that she gained in the Netherlands, Nicoline was ready to take on the world—especially her homeland. She then found that the market is quite different in Indonesia. For instance, while in the Netherlands people prefer pictures that portray moods and feelings, Indonesians prefer products and lighting. She also found the pay to be somewhat unequal, but she insisted that her unique works portraying edgy characteristics earned her a spotlight on the local photography scene.

Founder of NPM Photography & Associates

No more depending on other studio to support her work: Nicoline built her name through her own business, NPM Photography & Associates. The company is a creative artist management and media consultancy. It focuses on gathering handpicked creative artists in town who share similar passions in art.



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